People struggle with taking actions, no You and I are the ones who actually can’t take action. Sure we call it procrastination or indecision or just lack of motivation. But there is actually way more too it that simply giving it a tag and then getting stuck.

So today’s Question is what can I do to take Action ? Well let’s start with a real question, what’s in your way? why do you feel like you can’t take action. Most people have a reason, we all do, but really it’s not as complicated as it seems.  So today’s iLife  Coaching Podcast deals with this subject and how to start taking action when you want to.

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In today’s podcast we learn about:

  1. What is holding most people back from taking Action
  2. Why you might be struggling to take Actions even though you want to
  3. What the quickest solution to this challenge is
  4. How to create a beautiful life with all the right actions with FEAR of FAILURE

Most of us call it procrastination or indecision but somehow we justify it. What you hear in the episode will just give you an outline of what’s truly possible insha’Allah. This is 100%

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