The current crisis with the Coronavirus or Covid-19 is spreading across the world so fast and we muslims are looking to the Quran for guidance.

What does the Quran advise us with in how to deal with the Coronavirus Crisis? The Quran tells us exactly how to deal with crisis, how to deal with the problems we anticipate. The Coronavirus is very serious and very real. So the very first thing that everyone should do is follow the guidance and create social distancing by isolation yourself and your family from everyone else. But the Quran goes into this serious crisis with very clear advice on how we should behave.

In this Video Masterclass we take the Tafsir of a Verse on Crisis and how to deal with it according to divine guidance.

The Subjects we will cover in the Video are:

  • Fear and How to Deal with it
  • Uncertainty and How to get Certainty
  • Heath and Death
  • Money, Jobs and Business
  • How to Deal with Dispair
  • A Real Solution

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