So what happens at the end of Ramadan ? you’ve been fasting and doing all the Ramadan activities and now the month is at it’s end so what happens now?

Sometimes you can feel burned out, sometimes you’re on an Iman high, and sometimes wishing it would just continue because you feel these are your best days of your year…

but also sometimes you can feel like I’m just not feeling it, why can’t I feel the Imaan boost that every one else seems to feel..

Paradise isn’t easy… nope, it requires effort like most worth while things in life.

The good news is Ramadan doesn’t have to end for you. Allah the Most Merciful gave us a beautiful way to make it the best start to the most amazing year.

In today’s short Video Class we look at the Hadeeth of the Prophet (saw) where He tells us:

  • The Most important thing to Focus on
  • How to get the Most out of Life
  • What controls your feelings (so you can have an Iman High all the time)
  • How to Create the life some only dream about

Today’s class is all about finishing with the best possibilities, opportunities and an ending that you will love and Allah will love insha’Allah.

Go ahead watch the Class, insha’Allah it will give you a different perspective on life that I think we all need.

May Allah swt give you greatest Success in Connecting to the Quran.

Jazak’Allahu khair

Abdul Shahid

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