Finding Peace and tranquility in the home can be a real struggle for a lot of parents. We look high and low for answers to creating that family stability, but when things turn into a storm it’s difficult to see what’s happening let alone what the solution is.

So today’s Question is what can a struggling parent do to help their child ? Well firstly the answer isn’t always what can  a struggling parent do, because we can’t do a lot in the struggle. So the way out has to be to take yourself out of the situation to see clarity and how to create a solution. So today’s iLife Academy Coaching Podcast deals with this subject and how to get yourself out of that situation as a parent.

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In today’s podcast we learn about:

  1. What is often the cause of the problem
  2. How to quickly drop out of that stressful situation
  3. what all parents could do for a long term solution 
  4. How to create a beautiful relationship with your children

Parenting struggles are normal for many families if not all, so you don’t have to feel alone. What you hear in the episode will just give you an outline of what’s truly possible insha’Allah. 

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