You struggle in relationships but don’t know how to feel ok. Trusting that you will be ok is such as a challenge and you find that you struggle with Reliance, tawakul. Life seems to always throw you obstacles that throw you off whenever you feel everything’s started to feel ok. If that sounds like you life, you’re going to learn something here that will help you change that insha’Allah. 

So why do people struggle with relationships? maybe in marriage, maybe in parenting children and having a good relationship, maybe it’s in your work place and you struggle with people generally. Connection, Reliance and security are all connected to you and every relationship you have ever experienced, especially your connection to Allah. 


How Can I have reliance in Allah and feel Good? 

My advice to you is watch this / Listen to this Coaching advice. It will be much more impactful on your life and relationship to actually listen to this than to read it. 

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What If you could have complete Reliance and faith that you’d be ok?

You know feeling connected to the Creator has its benefits. One of the most important of those is that we want to feel secure, because in the face of insecurity nothing feels right even when it is.

It’s important to understand that your most important reliance factor is that security and having faith and trusting Allah is so important beyond what most people thing. If you couldn’t do that you will suffer emotional turmoil, emotional ups and downs.

What could be worse than having to have constant emotional highs and lows that you can’t control. You see many of us feel as though we do trust in the wisdom of the creator, we do trust that we’d be ok. But then when it comes down to the challenges be it your husband or wife, be it your livelihood and the economic challenges, be it the struggle you have with yourself, and that’s the big one…

whatever the challenge we feel we can’t handle it.

I tell myself I can do this… but then when I go into one of those lows, I’m out for days if not weeks. Can’t seem to pick myself up and out of it.

Makes sense at times and other times it’s a complete lie, you trust no one and you struggle with that internal feeling of being alone. Not knowing how to handle it.

Here’s what I’ve experienced through working with many professionals who have been successful to a very high degree, many of whom are senior executives, professionals at the top of their game. They are such producers, such go getters, and they work hard.

But even with all of that success in their careers, they suffer with these emotional lows. No one knows it and no one can even see it except those close to them at home. You see you can just go to work, go out into the world and put up this happy go lucky face. No one sees a thing, no one can even see the deep sense of unhappiness.

However, when you come home you can just put all of that façade away. You don’t have to be that person and it’s ok to be yourself. But when you are you are challenged in your relationship with your husband or wife, you are challenged with your children, you are challenged with your own mind.

That is a very typical situation I’ve seen amongst leaders, those who are seen to be on top of their game. You see they are, no doubt they have great success in one or more areas of life, career, financial or otherwise. But then another very important area of life suffers.

So we go out looking for that security, we find it temporarily in places that we can’t maintain and then we suffer in trying to maintain it.

You see most problems I’ve seen are relationship problems.

Its either your relationship with your Creator, or your relationship with people in your lives and the worst of the relationship problems is your relationship with yourself. That’s the one that people can’t seem too understand or get their head around.

So ask yourself what if you could have a relationship with Allah that transforms your life. I mean it would do that with no doubt. But you’re probably wondering as many of my clients wonder, well I’m doing the best I can trying to do things that are pleasing to Allah, but then why do I feel these challenges. Why is my life so difficult, why do I feel I can’t handle it?

The answer is there right in the question…

What do you think could be wrong with your relationship? you feel you can’t handle it, doesn’t mean you can’t. You feel it’s not possible, to get through this, ask yourself haven’t you got through it in the past? aren’t you hear right now?

Do you feel you can trust the One who controls everything, the power beyond this world and your imagination that controls it all. Do you know and believe there is hope…

All you have to do is decide to believe it can happen and you will see it happening. If you’ve been in this kind of thinking, the ‘I don’t see how, I just can’t see the light’ you will struggle to believe it.

Allah tells us categorically that whoever has trust and reliance in Allah, He will suffice them.

He will be enough for them..

Enough is not a good translation, let me give you a fuller meaning closer to the truth..

He will be Everything for you

Relationships with other people is a struggle for anyone and everyone who feels life is too difficult, they don’t feel secure in their emotional state, they will inevitably feel insecure, and as a result all relationships will suffer.

You may come across like an ice queen or king, cold, hard on the surface and unapproachable. That would certainly impact your relationships.

You may come across the complete opposite, and become really needy, like you are really vulnerable and people will feel the burden of that, and if those people are themselves feeling needy, then it will repel them because they’ll feel they can’t handle you and your problems. They’ll feel like they’re barely managing and how could they possibly help you even if they wanted to.

You see that is the ultimate truth, people will struggle in their relationships because they feel burdened by each other’s emotional needs.

Turning back to the creator will give you that security and whoever has that reliance upon Allah will have that need fulfilled by Allah, which will change the dynamics of your relationship with others.

Lastly, it’s your relationship with yourself. Look I mention the others first, because if you have a bad relationship with Allah, you will have a bad relationship with yourself. That’s a fact. What more can I say.

Most people don’t even realise this, and they wonder why they don’t believe in themselves. Why they don’t trust themselves, why they don’t love themselves, or even like themselves.

I mean hey you got to at least like yourself, right?

I know this is a really sensitive topic, and it really hurts to even think about it for those struggling with this. So, let me give you an easy way out of this.

Turn to Allah

Turn to the One who can take care of you and HAS ALWAYS LOVED YOU. You can see the truth of this in the fact that you are alive and functioning. You have people you can still connect to even when you feel you can’t.

You have the ability to be consuming this right now, either by reading this or listing to this. I mean that’s the blessings of sight and hearing. Have you imagined what it would be like if the All Merciful, Eternally Loving had not been taking care of you.

You can love you, or at least you can start by liking you.

You can do it, whatever your relationship challenge, it’s all based on how secure or insecure you feel. I hope this rings true, and if it does, I suggest you take a second read, a second listen, allow your mind to just sit with this info.

Maybe it has the potential to change your life. Maybe you just don’t see it right now. Come back and read it when you have a clear mind, I guarantee you will hear and see a different message when your mind is clear and you see what I’ve shared with you.

The truth is if you could get this and understand this information as short as it is, it would change your life forever. I have no doubt.

Whoever puts their trust in Allah, He will suffice them.

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