Negative thoughts are the worst thing anyone can deal with because it disrupts your mental well-being and state of inner peace. 

So how do you avoid letting your Negative thought overrun you or becoming the dominant force in your state of mental health ?

This is more than negative thoughts, it’s more that just dealing with Waswas of the shaytan. You can absolutely deal with it in a state of ease if you can truly understand the subject of the human mind and the way it works to serve you and sometimes goes against you. 

It’s a choice, to allow yourself to be lost in thought so much that it dictates your moods, where you feel like you’re losing control. People shout and scream and their kid, spouse and anyone who they feel upsets their state of well being.

We think if we could only change these people and these circumstances life would be so much easier. But that isn’t always true. In fact most of the time that isn’t true. So in this podcast we discuss where it actually comes from, the cause of such negative spiralling down. The mood swings and how to deal with them permanently and get rid of the challenges once and for all.

It is not a dead end road, there is always a solution as Allah swt always guides us to. It’s also not theory based, just a bunch of information. You can really act upon what we discuss in this podcast and if you do your life will change insha’Allah.

Negative thoughts can be incessant and really not leave you alone. They can become affect you physically and you won’t even understand where it’s coming from. Understanding it will really help you to get onto the route of challenging it and changing your life for the long term. Don’t underestimate what I’m teaching here. Use it !



If you’re life is being derailed by these constant negative thoughts, and you are looking for a permanent solution. I will be running a short weekend workshop where I will be coaching people to transform their own life and getting on the route to changing the mindset, learning how to manage your thoughts and really get a real solution.

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This is something too many of us struggle with The causes we cover in this address what it is that causes the bulk of the problems we face in our relationships to others.

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Have a great day, you can do this 😊.

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