A DEEPER CONNECTION : Overcome the emotional trauma and baggage that weighs you down. Maybe it’s your Connection that’s been the missing link but it can be difficult to see a lot of the time.

LEARN HOW TO HAVE RELIANCE UPON ALLAH: Tawakul for when you find it difficult. Most people are suffering from Fear and Anxiety due to their current uncertainties. Learn where it comes from and how to eliminate it.

STOP LIVING FROM A PLACE OF FEAR: No more constant emotional highs and lows. If you struggle to connect to Allah, learn how to feel spiritually connected and feel Safe despite uncertainty in your life.

CREATE LOVING RELATIONSHIPS: Learn why you struggle with your Marriage or Relationships  and what you could be doing to really change this permanently. 

CONNECT TO ALLAH & LEARN HOW TO GET RID OF STRESS: by learning where it is all coming from and how real lasting change can happen for you even if it’s taken you many many years of being stuck in constant stress.

STOP ANXIETY AND PANIC: from ruining your day to day experience, learn how to resolve it and live in peace again.

REACH YOUR GOALS & OVERCOME YOUR OBSTACLES:  especially if you’ve tried everything and every year you try and you just cannot overcome your obstacles year on year.

STOP THE BOREDOM AND ROUTINE YOU HATE: if you feel like surely this can’t be how life’s meant to be, I want so much more.

STOP YOUR MONEY WORRIES FOREVER: Stop the internal challenges that block you from your earning potential. Why is it happening to you.

LEARN HOW TO GET YOUR DUAS ANSWERED win in this Life and the Akhira, Learn why you don’t have to miss out on either & how to get balance.

 This IS FOR YOU IF:  

Asalamu alaikum,

This journey is for you if you are really ready for to transform your life, and you don’t want the emotional baggage or your obstacles holding you back from your life. If you want to love the way you feel and get excited about life this is the most easy, simple yet affective journey.

A life transformation journey that begins with what will help you change the things you struggle with the most insha’Allah and create the life you dream of.

If you’ve been held back by the struggles and obstacles in your life, even if it’s the past trauma you experienced or the constant anxious worrying about what the future holds for you, this immersion will get the ball rolling in your life for true transformation and change.

I created this program for YOU if you really want help to solve the most difficult problems, and to get closely connected to Allah.

We will create a connnection where you can begin to get a real healing, a real solution to your challenges every day.

This Coaching transformation is meant for busy people who want to create their dreams and achieve their Goals and dreams in a NON intensive way, it’s actually very light but transformative in nature.

No more procrastination, No more Constant Negativity, NO more searching endless Youtube motivational videos, crash courses or even therapy for years. It’s a simple solution by the permission of Allah.

Once you have created your New Normal, we will focus on Growing Your Life and actualising your dreams. If you want to achieve the Goals you never imagined possible, you will learn how to make it a reality.

The biggest thing holding most people back is their own fears and doubts, the self sabotage and constant inner critic, so you will learn how to take control of your own destiny by aligning yourself to the Divine Principles of the Quranic Science of the Nafs.

This one journey will teach you how to become confident in your innate abilities, how to actualise and clean up your thinking so it doesn’t stop you, instead catapulting your growth and development.


This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for all your life…

You will learn tools from the Quranic Science of the Nafs spiritual psychology model that will empower you to take charge of your Mind, Relationship and life.

You will learn life skills that help you to transform your relationships, you Mental and Spirtual health and of course you’ll learn how to live an abundant life.

Your Journey will include:

~ Live Classes taught to you by Master Coach Trainer & Teacher Abdul Shahid. With the Curriculam of topics you will change your life forever insha’Allah.

 ~ Weekly Live Group Coaching where you will be coached or watch your peers with the same challenges getting coached. This is where you get your questions answered and get mentored on your specific challenges insha’Allah.

~ Monthly Private One-to-One Coaching where you can bring your challenges to get direct help on your private challenges.

~ Live Quranic Understanding /Tafsir Reflection Classes. This is the most practical and application based Tafsir of the Quran you’ll ever study. It’s focus is 100% Life transformation through revelation.

 ~ Access to The Library of Courses where Life Transformation Coaching tools will be taught through Universal Quranic Principles, giving you the ability to Coach yourself and help yourself immediately.

This is a Complete Nafs Transformation program that includes an experience of Coaching, Counselling and teaching based upon the Quran science of the Nafs. You will be mentored in creating true inner peace, emotional resilience and healing through managing your mind and heart.

The program is 100% based upon the Science of the Nafs Psychology model 100%. 

Whether you want to Overcome Challenges or looking for explode your growth this program is for you. Insha’Allah you will begin to the path of REAL change.

This is the perfect Coaching program if you feel successful in some areas of your life but totally struggle in other areas. You will learn how to identify the problems and begin transform it.

Time Commitment

Weekly Commitment of 1 Class to transform your life

If you can invest 1 hour a week and just 15 minutes a day to your life it will transform your life over the course of this program insha’Allah.

You will also have BONUS OPTIONAL ACCESS to classes on: Understand Your Life through Quranic Tafsir, Weekly Live Coaching & Q&A sessions.

You will go through life transforming Curriculam every month.

Access to Library of Courses will cover different topics that include the following subjects and a lot more insha’Allah. 


~ Mental Health & Emotional Mastery

 ~ Spiritual Connection and Reliance in Allah 

 ~ Relationship Mastery & Love

~ Fear & Anxiety and Depressive thinking

 ~ Creating Confidence and Self Worth 

~ Achieving Your Dream Goals

~ Overcoming Obstacles & Procrastination

~ Dealing with Difficult People

~ Decision Making and Creating An Amazing Life

~ Finally Overcoming Weight Loss Challenges

~ Overcoming Behavioural Habits that Change Your Life

~ Winning in Dunya & Akhira  



By the time we finish you will feel the peace, deal with Anxiety, Sadness, overwhelm. Create True Confidence and more self love without self doubt.


If you’ve struggled for years with obstacles that never go away you will get the chance to overcome that permanently insha’Allah.


Where the struggle comes from and how you can change that. We will tap into the Quranic guidance on how to create loving relationships in your life.


If you are constantly worried about your financial situation, your on edge and feeling frustrated we will learn how to solve that and from where you can create the money freedom and abundance.


Learn how to achieve and accomplish in life and what’s been stopping you. Find out the easy way to make life happen and accomplish things you’ve so far just dreamt of.


This is the Most important one. Find out why you struggle to connect to Allah in the deepest sense and Create indestructible connection in life.

Imagine your dream life begins this month…

 You find a true connection to Allah, your dreams,  your Marriage, Career, health and relationships begin taking a turn for the better..

You realise what you’re missing and start working on filling the gaps in your life and watch it happen.

The struggles you found yourself seems to be the only obstacles and you get started on getting rid of them.

You finally understand what Allah means by contentment in the Quran.

You learn to focus on Dunya & Akhira without being overwhelmed by how much you have to do.

No more overwhelm, no more procrastination just by understanding the missing link in your life… Hint: it’s in the Quran.

What if you could learn to just Love life and feel your way through life with passion?

You only need one guide… Allah, the Quran and the Sunnah.

 Create a Life YOu LOve

 Limited – Don’t Miss it

  YOur Coach & Teacher

Ustadh Abdul Shahid

 Mind Health & Wealth Expert and  Master Coach Instructor and Therapist in The Science of the Nafs, the Quranic Spiritual Psychology model for healing and transformation.

Having taught and trained hundreds of people over the years, my experience has taught me that You need to mentor and coach to get real results.

 Personal & Business Coach, Therapist and and Trainer with a Background and expertise in helping people with deep personal and commercial transformation.

In my own personal Journey I have spent the last 20 years seeking knowledge, teaching and mentoring individuals like yourself. Travelled and lived in Egypt and Saudi Arabia studying the various sciences through the Islamic seminary of Al Azhar. On return to the UK I founded Quranic Connection, the face of The Muslim Life Coach Institute.

On top of this I have training in different Self development philosophies, Three Principles/ InsideOut, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching & Facilitator training.

Founder & Master Coach Instructor of the ILMU NAFS Divine Principles Coaching  program is for personal and Business transformation.


Attend One Live Class per week and you will thrive insha’Allah Or Attend them all.

LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Monthly Private One-to-One Coaching Calls

Live Weekly Topic based Classes

Weekly Quranic Understanding / Tafsir Classes

You will also have access to Library of Courses  and Live Call Replays access 24/7.



The Nafs transformation program is for you when you’ve tried the self help avenues and you’re ready to make Real change happen. There is nothing like this anywhere.

Program Value £10,000 for 1 Year Program. This program is the most Comprehensive Coaching program to be found anywhere in the world.

Early discounted price £3,000 GBP per year. ( Enrolment will OPEN 13th SEPT 2021 )

‘Doing the same things will always give you the same results, isn’t it time you did something different?’

It’s all so valuable I appreciate it every day. My relationships with Allah, myself, and my family, especially with my husband, are at another level, and I enjoy every moment of life. What else could we want?

Fauzia H


You may be wondering still and here are some common questions and answers.



The Transformation program is designed to be a 1 Year Long Program. However you can stay for as long as you like.  We know that to get real permananet lasting change you will want to commit to yourself for the period. Our experience is that you will find so much value and love your journey, people often want to stay as longer as they get beyond challenges and really grow their life.

Don’t worry, It’s simple and works for everyone.
Yes you can join using the Mobile or Desktop App that we’ll provide you access to. As long as you have internet you can join using any device.
What if I miss A Live Call?

You will get access to the recordings of all calls in your learning portal.


Absolutely if will help you change your whole life insha’Allah when you put in the work. This will get you on the road to unlocking your mind and show up with Confidence in life inshaAllah.