The Quran is the foundation and source of guidance for all Muslims so learning to Understand the Quran in Classical Quranic Arabic is of the utmost importance to anyone wishing to really connect to the divine words of Allah.

How to learn Arabic to understand the Quran is actually quite simple. However, so many people actually believe the language to be difficult to learn. I’ll share with you 5 ways that you can actually learn Arabic and understand the Quran insha’Allah. These 5 Steps are:

  1. Find a Teacher with an Easy system
  2. Study an Arabic system without Grammar first
  3. Study the Quran with the Arabic Language
  4. Create or follow an Arabic Study Schedule
  5. Immerse yourself with the Quran with Positive Dua

Below is a detailed explanation of these 5 points. But I can tell you that they are essential for a successful journey with Arabic Language and the Quran.

The sad thing is that it’s often the teachers who make the process of learning difficult. There are multiple reasons for this, and the most common one being that they actually learned the language themselves using a very difficult system of learning. 

Let me assure you that learning the Quran in the Arabic language, so that you can understand what you’re reading, and even to be able to speak in the Quranic Arabic is actually a very simple process. The language is easy, and the process of learning is also easy.

I’m telling you as an experienced Quranic Arabic teacher, having now taught hundreds of non-Arabs, that learning Arabic, understanding the Quran and being able to speak Arabic is easy. 

Allah, the Glorious, the Majestic tells all of us that He is the One who has made this Quran easy for all. He says:

وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا الْقُرْآنَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِن مُّدَّكِر

“Indeed, I have made the Quran easy for Understanding and reflection, so is there anyone who will remember.”

Surat Al-Qamar, 22


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So… If the Creator of the Heavens and earth is telling you it’s easy, it’s got to be easy. So let’s look at how you can make it easy for yourself to learn.

How to Learn Arabic so it’s easy:

  1. It’s important that you have a teacher.

So many people think they can just learn without a teacher by picking up a book and going through it with some YouTube videos. Yes, you will learn some important knowledge in these videos, but you will learn it as abstract, disconnected pieces of information.

The Arabic language is systematic, it’s intricate and the different elements of the language fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. If you start learning different pieces of the language and miss out the most important elements that actually bring the language together, and make it easy for you, then you will no doubt see a slow pace of progress and become demotivated after a while.

I’ve seen this happen to too many people, where they spend a few years trying to wing it, figure it out for themselves and then eventually they start to believe it’s too difficult and give up.

A teacher doesn’t need to be live, in person and in a physical classroom. In fact, it’s becoming more convenient and much more effective to study online and at a time that suits you, that way it will be something that you can actually keep up with and be consistent. The teacher’s role is to teach you systematically and bring the language alive. Not just to get you through a particular text book.

  1. Study Arabic Language without Grammar

Now you might be shocked by this one, but I can tell you that Grammar is the most difficult element of the language. This is one the major reasons why people believe Arabic to be difficult.

So first, let me explain that Grammar is actually an essential part of the language. But in my humble opinion, it’s the last thing you should study. There you go I said it…

Most Arabic courses out there focus on Grammar first, what we call ‘Nahu’ and ‘Sarf’ in Arabic. These are the two components of Arabic Grammar. Some people love it, and others don’t.

Arabic Grammar is actually NOT difficult if studied in the correct order. However, as it is the last step in the learning of the language, if you happen to study it first, the language will no doubt become difficult for you.  It’s like learning Algebra before you can do simple addition and subtraction. 

The various traditional systems of learning Arabic make Arabic Grammar the first focus and by extension make the journey and experience of the student a difficult one. This is one of the main reasons that people study for a couple of years without any real progress. They eventually give up because of this.

So what’s the Solution?

Find a course that will teach you to understand first, before you begin on the grammar rules. I’m speaking as an experienced teacher, knowing what works and doesn’t with busy people.

Does this mean it’s impossible to learn the traditional way of Grammar first? No of course not. You can learn the language the traditional route. But you have to be prepared to really put in some serious hours. Usually this means you will be willing to study full time, if you want results in a reasonable period of time.

Most people wanting to learn Quranic Arabic are busy working full time, parents or students at University.  Most of us are busy, and if you want to study and actually get real results within a year or so with part time commitment you will need to focus on the comprehension of the language.

Another problem you will face if you learn Grammar first is that you will stump your own growth by constantly analysing what you are saying or writing, trying to get it perfect according to Grammar rules you know. This is a show stopper for a lot of people.

  1. Study the Quran as you learn Arabic

The quickest route to understand the Quran is to study the Quran. This is actually the most beautiful part of studying Arabic.

Many of us find the Arabic language interesting to learn, and it can be fun depending on the teachers that teach you. However, at times it can get a little dry and you don’t feel that Iman boost or connection with Allah that you really want. I mean that’s the reason you want to study Arabic right? So you can make a meaningful connection with Allah through His words.

So, it’s important to study the Quran if you can in small bite-size chunks so that it actually connects the language to your actual Goal. By doing this you will feel a daily boost in Iman as you study, it’s the thing that my students love the most.

Look if you’re reading this and you’re an Arabic teacher yourself, then my humble advice is that if you’ve studied the Quran formally, you should add something of Quran that to your classes.

Personally, when I was studying Arabic, I always loved studying with those teachers that helped me make that connection with the Quran.

  1. Create a Study Schedule for Success with Arabic

Let’s be honest a study schedule is important for any subject but even more so with the Arabic Language. Studying Quranic Arabic and actually learning to understand the Quran requires you to be organised especially if you’re a busy person with lots of responsibilities.

By have a Schedule that you follow daily, weekly and monthly, you will actually see rapid progression. I advise ALL of my students to create that schedule. Even if you can’t keep to the schedule 100% of the time, it’s ok as long as you follow it most of the time.

The key is to keep that schedule and tick it off your daily and weekly to do lists. Keep a visual cue in the place where you spend most of your time, so that it reminds you about your studies.

Remember you are studying Arabic to be connected to the Quran and Allah. It’s not once a week or once a month connection you want. So, start building a habit of being aware of Allah in your day to day life. This is actually a really good way to do it.

Make it daily, even if it means you only look at your books once a day for 5 to 10 minutes. That daily connecting to the language will bring it alive for you. By the time you finish studying, Arabic is no longer a language of the other, it’s your language and you understand and speak it just like other Arabic speakers.

  1. Immerse yourself in the Quran with Positive Dua

Ask Allah for guidance always and immerse yourself with the Quran. If you want to really understand the Quran in the Arabic language so that you feel like Allah is talking to you when you read it, ask Allah to make it easy for you.

You see if you ask Allah and you sincerely make the intention to learn it, Allah swt will make it easy for you. If Allah makes it easy for you, all that’s left is that you need to put the effort in to do it.

You’ll do it and before you know you’re understanding words of the Almighty. The thing is you won’t even realise how fast, but one day the penny drops and you realise all of a sudden that you just understood what you hear in Salah, or you understood what you just read. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

Trust me on this… you will love it once you can understand Quranic Arabic insha’Allah.  It will completely transform your relationship to the Quran, with your prayers and dua.

Alhamdulilah it’s a truly amazing journey, studying Quranic Arabic.

I pray Allah swt makes your journey with the Quran an amazing one insha’Allah.