Quranic Arabic Immersion

How to Connect to the Book of Allah and Understand the Message in Arabic, and feel confident in day to day life that you are living with Your Purpose.

Do these feelings resonate with you ?

Why do I feel a spiritual void in my Salah? Like I’m praying my daily prayers but I don’t feel connected with Allah in Salah, instead I have a million different thoughts.

Why do I feel disconnected from Allah in day to day life? I do all the actions like rituals but feel no more connected to Allah than when I don’t do it.

I feel like I’ve spent my life building the Dunya and nothing for my akhira?  You do everything to create a good life in the Dunya, but you spend very little effort, time and investment into your Deen and Akhira.

Why do I feel like I spend my life doing everything for others and nothing for myself ? You spend all your time helping family, friends and parents but invest very little time in your own wellbeing. 

Why do I lack in motivation ? Maybe you’ve tried to learn to understand and connect to the Quran, but the courses you tried where too difficult or you couldn’t be consistant.

 Are you succeeding in your goals but Struggling in Life? maybe you feel like you only surviving. 

If you can resonate with any of these Question then you’re in the right place. This is where we help people to resolve these problems permanently insha’Allah.

 What is Quranic Arabic Immersion ?

Asalamu alaikum

Each year I take on a group of people like you who want to create a connection with the Quran and ultimately help them to deepen their connection with Allah.

However, this year I’m going to do something a little different. The last time I did this was 5 years ago.

What am I talking about? Well this coming January 2020, I will teach and mentor a small group of students on How to Connect to the Quran through Arabic Language and Word for Word Quran studies.

This is a New Program where we will take a journey of Quranic Arabic Understanding.

This is a total Quran Immersion program, where I will help you connect to the Quran by studying both Arabic and Quranic studies through the Quran. 

This is NOT a video based course. The entire course will be taught live. I will run the classes online through our state of the art Virtual Classroom. 

This is Video conferencing for education and it’s amazing. You can join the class right from the comfort of your home or office.

The Class will be small and the experience will be all based around Quranic studies.

You see a true Quran Connection is to be able to feel like you are living with the guidance of the Quran when you need it the most. This is not about a bunch of rules.

Connecting to the Quran will mean, that we study Islamic Life through the practice of Quranic mindset and values.

What’s important is that you will learn to become independent learners, so that you can speak Arabic, Understand what you’re reading and understand the Quran in your Prayers insha’Allah.

That’s the most amazing part, you feel connected to Allah all of the time insha’Allah.

Allah shapes our minds and our lives through the Quran.

Once you gain your own connection with the Quran in Arabic, you’ll become much more confident…

Much less anxious about your life experiences and much better at dealing with your own struggles in life insha’Allah.

This is not just an Arabic course, it’s a Quranic life program. I will personally mentor you through the Quran.

 Real Results

Alhamdulillah I am fascinated by my progress. If someone had said to me one and a half years ago that in one and a half years time you will be able to write, read and understand Arabic, I wouldnt have believed them. But by the grace of Allah I am doing exactly that…

Rushna Miah, Professional & Busy Mum

I have always wanted to learn Quranic Arabic to understand the Quran but like others I used to think that Arabic is a very difficult language to grasp however within a couple of months into the course, I was able to make and understand ​ sentences Alhamdulillah and now I can understand ​some of the verses of the Quran without being at the mercy of the English translation.  

Nasima, Educator & Mum

​Alhamdulilah even though I’m a busy mum and work full time as a Doctor doing shift work, Allah blessed me with this course, and I can now understand Arabic and even speak with my Arab colleagues at work.

​​Alhamdulilah this has changed my relationship with the Quran

Dr Rabia

3 Common Reasons why People fail to Connect with Allah

and Reason #1  They try to Understanding the Quran using a difficult system of learning

I did this myself. The first time I attempted to study Quranic Arabic I just went and signed up for a Grammar course. I didn’t know any better, I just signed up for what was popular. The problem with that is you can never learn to understand something by just knowing the rules because the rules only show you how it all comes to gether. What about the language that you’re actually bringing together? what does all that mean?

There is a big difference when it comes to the course you choose. It will either make your whole journey easy for you OR it will make it difficult for you, and you’ll be told that’s the sacrifice you need to make.

Alhamdulilah the Quranic Arabic Immersion program is super simple and the 4D Quran method that we use to teach it, is what really makes life easy. (I’ll tell you about that shortly)

Reason #2 They study everything but the Quran

Ask yourself, have you attended Islamic Lectures, motivational speeches, studied Tajweed, Fiqh and watched Islamic youtube video after video till you can’t bear it any longer?

You feel an a spiritual high temporarily, a real Iman boost, then after a while life throws a challenge at you and you’re back to square one.

Non of that is actual ‘Connecting to the Quran’, it is beneficial but only in connecting to the Quran will you find the altimate guidance Allah sent for you.

That’s why the Quranic Arabic Immersion program is ONLY designed to focus your full attention on Quranic understanding.

Reason #3 They put Dunya first, middle and last

That’s right, they don’t invest anything into their connection with the Quran. They invest in nice material gains (and that’s perfectly fine),

Such as nice clothes, holidays, cars, homes and all the other things we all like. However, they invest very little into their education and understanding of life and akhira. 

 If they don’t invest their time, effort and energy into gaining a connection with Allah, then where will it come from?

We spend time nurturing relationships with our work and business clients, family and friends…

But none or very little time into our relationship with Allah, the One that has provided us with everything.

We will only ever reap the rewards of our investments.

Student See Results

Khadija – Busy Professional / Mum

Course Outline


1 . Quranic Arabic

Start your Quran journey and study Arabic Language for the Quran.

2 . Tafsir Al Quran

Learn practical lessons on how to understand the Quran from classical sources for guidance in our modern context.

3 . Mind Mastery

Learn how to optimise your life by understand Islamic Psychology as is understood through the Quran.  Create peace of mind, Confidence and resilience for daily life.

How this will help you

Your Own Connection

Build a connection you love, regular Quran through weekly bite size classes that you can fit into your busy schedule.

Quranic Mindset

Learn how to develop your thinking through Quranic training so you can eliminate the negative cycle of thoughts that so many people face.

Islamic Mentoring

Your Self development journey with weekly Mastery classes will help you design and develop the life of your desires.

1:1 support & accountability

Be connected to your Teacher  so you get personal mentoring and accountability. 


Join from Anywhere

Can’t join the home or the Office? no problem you can Access your Lessons from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet.


24 / 7 Access

Watch Video recordings of classes any time that suits you on your Mobile, Tablet or Laptop. You can access your courses anywhere in the world.

This course is for you if…

You can Read basic Arabic with Help but lack confidence in your reading and worry about mistakes.

You’re ready to make the Quran a part of your life journey and yearn to Understand what Allah is saying to You.

You want to invest in your connection to the Quran and Allah  and you’re looking for a program that gives you real Results without having to compromise your work life commitments.

You’re not afraid of actually doing some work and putting in the effort required to connect to Allah through the Quran. This is really about you connecting to Allah more than it is about the language.

You’re sick of wondering aimlessly trying to figure this out by yourself and you just want to see quick and sure results knowing others are achieving it.

You can’t commit to travelling abroad to an Arab country but you want the same results while studying from your home country.

Most importantly you want to feel Close to Allah by knowing your Deen better, because there is no better way than to connect to the Quran.


Every week you get access to

LIVE Quranic Studies

From day one you will study the Quranic Tafsir where you Study the Quran word for word with the Goal of understanding the message of Allah within the context of your modern day life. This will be a journey of understanding, reflection and spiritual development. Altimately the goal is to help you connect to the Quran.

Classes take a look at the linguistic nuances of selected verses and reflect on the stories behind the verses and the classical understanding, finishing with BIG IDEAS that you could apply to your life right now.


Quranic Arabic ClasS

Weekly Live Tutoring & Mentoring class where you learn Classical Arabic for daily use. This will bring your Quran to life. You will learn to understand the Arabic language using the Natural Learning method ( 4D Interactive Language Method). The Quran becomes your life time partner, guiding you through life.


Classes will be taught in both English and Arabic according to your level of understanding. Aim of this Arabic immersion experience will be to move you slowly to Arabic so that you understand it when you hear it and read it. Spoken arabic will natuarally come to you as you progress through the program insha’Allah.


Islamic Mindset Training

One of the greatest challenges for most people is dealing with the stresses and challenges of life. In this Bonus Course You will Learn how Islamic Psychology and how it impacts your life.

You will have further training and mentoring in how to use this for building Confidence, letting go of anxiety and depressive states of mind. Getting your mindset right will help you to create motivation, patience, mood management that will help you through out your life.



All subjects are studies on an ongoing basis through out the year.  Subjects will be taught at a theory level and practiced for a mastery level.

Quranic Text

Word for word studies of the Quran for practice and analaysis. Quranic studies will be breaking down the verses to build up your Quranic understanding so that when you read or hear the Quran you’re able to work out the meaning for yourself. This is true Quranic Analysis.

Arabic Language / Literature

 Students will study arabic language through the context of modern living so that it is relateable and applicable in day to day life. The language focus will always be on classical Arabic / Fusha so that the main objective of understanding the Quran is achieved.

Practical Grammar

The fundamentals of Arabic language will be covered from a practical aspect of usage in both reading and writing. This is more commonly known as Nahu.

Practical Morphology

The usage and practice of Morphology is an important part of the fundamentals of the language or more commonly known as Sarf.


Once again this subject will be practice and learnt from a usage perspective so that it brings the language alive. Students will be taught all complicated structures through the 4D Interactive Language Method. For more details please watch the Video Class below.

Quranic Tafsir / Reflections

This is the details study of the Quranic verses as they were revealed. Verses as explained in Classical explanations of the Quran.


Start 26th January 2020 to December 2020


Your Quranic Journey begins as soon as you book your place.

– Instant Access to Quranic Reflections Program – Learn from the Introduction to Quranic Tafsir. In this Video Course you will be taken through the Foundation of Quranic Understanding for Personal Development. Creed of the Muslim, The Muslim Character formation and it’s types, The true way to Peace and Success in both Dunya and Akhira and much more. (Value £599)

– 2 VIP Tickets to Live Event  “Islamic Mind & Emotional Mastery Program in Ramadan 2020. This Spiritual Development program is a 3 week Live-streamed Course where we will study and practice the fundamentals of Personal Development through the Quranic Mind. This will be emotional training to create the best of mind for a happy and fruitful life. This is a super practical course where the spirit of Islamic meets personal Mastery, relationship mastery and deepening of the heart in Islam. ( Value £1399)

– 12 Months Access to Tutor Support after the Course is Completed.  The support for ongoing review and studies is cruicial part of your continuous development and as such you will have access to Q&A with your tutor for 12 months after completion of the program. (Value £1999)

Enrolment for January 2020 OPEN

Enrolment for the Quranic Arabic Immersion is now open

There are only 15 Places Available on the Quranic Arabic Immersion program. Tuition is £6900 for the Academic Year January to December. You can get a Discount of up-to  £1,610 when you book Your Place by 10th January 2020.

FULL PRICE: £6,900

EARLYBIRDS PAYMENT PLAN PRICE: £5,800 (Save £1,100) when you book your Place by 10th January 2020)

EARLYBIRDS PAY-IN-FULL PRICE: £5,290 (Save £1,610 when you Pay in Full by 10th January 2020

Begin your Quranic Journey

11Enrolment for the Quranic Arabic Immersion is now open

There are only 15 Places Available on the Quranic Arabic Immersion program. Tuition is £6900 for the Academic Year January to December. You can get a Discount of up-to  £1,610 when you book Your Place by 10th January 2020.

FULL PRICE: £6,900

EARLYBIRDS PAYMENT PLAN PRICE: £5,800 (Save £1,100 when you book your Place by 10th January 2020)

EARLYBIRDS PAY-IN-FULL PRICE: £5,290 (Save £1,610 when you Pay in Full by 10th January 2020

Begin your Quranic Journey


You may be wondering still and here are some common questions and answers.

If you still have Questions please book a call to discuss your questions or any queries you have.

Are all classes Live or Video ?

All classes are Live Lessons with the Tutor. You will be in a small group of students who are all taking the journey together.

What if this is too difficult for me ?

Don’t worry, the classes are EASY insha’Allah, taught in a way that everyone will benefit, those are are absolute beginners as well as those who have studied the Quran before.

Alhamdulilah we pride ourselves in making the learning process easy for everyone. Easy = Enjoyable 🙂

Can I watch on my Mobile

Yes you can watch on any mobile, Tablet or desktop computer as long as you have internet connection you will be able to join with the Software / Mobile App that we provide you.

Is there a Payment Plan ?

Yes, you can have a monthly Payment plan so please book a call so that we can arrange a personalised payment plan for you.


Alternatively you can Pay in one payment and get a discounted fee.

Can I watch any time ?

Classes are all live and at set times, If you miss the class you will have access to recordings on your private student portal.

Student Results

I have been studying easy Arabic with ​Ustadth Abdul Shahid now for almost one and half years. Alhamdulillah I am fascinated by my progress. If someone had said to me one and a half years ago that in one and a half years time you will be able to write, read and understand Arabic, I wouldnt have believed them. But by the grace of Allah I am doing exactly that…

and this year I had the honour and previlige to perform hajj and Alhamdulillah this is where I found the fruits of my labour. SunhanAllah I was able to understand what some of the ayahs that were being recited during salaah, and the jummah khutbas.

I was able to converse and understand other sisters who spoke arabic, hotel workers, shop keepers, the airport security guards, the workers at the Masjid al Haraam and Masjid al Nabawi. It was truly overwhelming”

Rushna Miah - Professional / Busy Mother

Very quickly I started to be able​ to understand when I read and listen to the Qur’an, and ​ understand and speak Arabic within only a few months form the class starting, the results were phenomenal​ Alhamdulillah.

​Before this course I started to lose hope of being able to ever learn Arabic because of so many failed attempts.. but now I feel on my way to becoming fluent

Khalil Sayed - Quantity Surveyor / Busy Father

I wanted to study Arabic so when I saw the advert I was over the moon. Before studying this program I couldn’t speak any Arabic or understand anything.  All Praise is due to Allah as I can now speak arabic and understand a lot

Sajim - Bid Manager

Taking the Arabic Language course with Quranic Connection Academy has been a wonderful experience.  The Course material is well structured and weekly class is very interactive. Ustadh Abdul Shahid is highly enthusiastic and a professional teacher with great motivational skills.

I am from a non-Arab background but I’ve learned a lot in a very short  time.  The course is structured in such a way that you can grasp the route of the language very easily.  It’s an amazing feeling to be connected to the Quran in a completely new way.  ​Jazak’Allahu khair for designing such a great Arabic course

Atiqa Salman - Busy Mother

Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

I have doing this course for a year and i feel a difference within my understanding of the Quran as well as my own practice, I feel more focused with my prayers.  The lessons are always planned and executed very well. Our teacher is efficient and patient in supporting our learning and always available for help.

I would highly recommend this course to help anyone looking to go that further step in understanding Quran and learning Arabic in general.

Rubi Begum - Teacher / Busy Mother