Fear is the dominant feeling now in the whole world. People have no way of alleviating the fear except by ignoring it, constantly doing internal work using coping mechanisms they’ve picked up in life through different types of self development models, therapeutic models or just life time experience that has always helped them to manage their emotions.

However, the fear that exists now, is that fight or flight, life and death type fear that everyone talks about, all of the Neuroscientist, self help professionals and just general social media help workers and youtubers who spread the message of hope, forgiveness, love and survival.

Just from the feedback I’m getting, the conversations, the emails and messaged from people I can see that this is a fear that creates anxiety, panic, tightness of breathing, asthma attacks and more.

The whole world population is in a state of stress. Stress is the underlying factor in weakening the immune system and making us vulnerable.  So, it becomes a vicious cycle that we are finding difficult to escape.

So in this Article I’m going to outline two of the most impactful, the most beneficial ways I know that will help you to alleviate and ease up your stress levels. Bear with me and just humour me if you disagree with anything, read till the end and just sit with what I’m sharing because I promise that if you can get this deeply it will really help you and that’s the plan.

From Heart to Heart

Look I really want to help, but who am I but one person, one voice. So, I’m going to share something with you that I pray will be a source of ease and comfort. I want to tell you that my heart goes out to you and all of the people suffering in these circumstances. But I am human in the end and my heart helps to keep me alive, so as much as I’m willing to share it…hey 😊 it’s mine.

Ok so enough of the doom and gloom of fear. Let me tell you straight away that you have a choice in your life. You don’t have to feel the impending gloom constantly. That’s actually you’re choice.

But here’s the thing you might be thinking I’ll try, or it’s too hard, or even I can’t handle this.

You Can Handle This

I can tell you for sure, YOU CAN HANDLE THIS, you can make this the path that you traverse. You can shine the light of your joy even when it’s dark. Especially when it’s dark. Look, you have within you something very special, Love, Compassion, Mercy, the willingness to help people you don’t even know.

That’s the most amazing God given blessing you have. It’s truly a blessing because you will find that it is the thing that people will love you for. It’s your humanness, the vulnerable but giving nature. If you feel like not giving it means you have allowed your fear to become a covering over your light.

Look as a British Muslim, born and raised in the home counties of the UK, I can tell you that I’m surrounded by all sorts of people. But the people I know and see are wonderful, caring and helpful people. You see that is our nature. That’s the way The All Merciful, Ar-Rahman has created us.

You can handle it, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Sorry the capital wording isn’t me shouting at you, but I want you to understand that you are never alone. The All Merciful, The Eternally Loving (Al-Wadud) is forever looking after you. Even in those moments when you’ve suffered, struggled and felt alone.

You might find that hard to believe but I want you to ask yourself, who healed your body when it was cut, injured and bruised?

Who kept your heart beating when you were too scared to think about anything but running or freezing?

Who woke you up when you didn’t feel like waking up, who gave you life again?

Somehow, we just seem to find our way out, and find our way to safety and security every time we find ourselves in challenging situations. And when asked, how did you figure it out, we often wonder how was that possible. I don’t even know how I did.

You see you figured it out, and things turned out ok because the All Merciful, Eternally Loving is always looking out for you and has always looked out for you. When you didn’t know who picked you up, how you found exactly what you needed at exactly the time you needed, that was you being taken care of.

Ok, so if you’re finding this a little challenging to see and believe, that’s ok. Look you don’t have to worry, even when you find it challenging, you will be taken care of. So just sit with it and reflect on what I’ve said here when you have a quiet moment, if you can find one now lol.

My kids make it a challenge to reflect on anything except them lol.

So, here I am up at 5.30am praying, reflecting and thinking about you. This is the fruits of my reflections that you’re reading. I want to tell you categorically that it is my faith in the Almighty that helps me to see that everything will be ok. Everything has always been ok. Trust is a key to my feeling secure. 

Here’s an Anxiety Reducer

This is not just a copying strategy, but this will help you to stay balanced and in your right mind. By right mind I mean your clear mind. The mind that doesn’t freak out and always seems to find you your solutions in life.

So what is it?

Clear your mind of the constant feed of information.

Stop it…

Right now, you don’t need to know more than you do. Even if you tell yourself you need to stay abreast of things, the facts is that your family and friends will give you the info you need. You won’t escape the important stuff as people will tell you.

By stopping the constant, repeated negative in flow of news, you will find that your mind calms down.

You ever heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat? well, here’s a new one. You feel what you constantly consume. If all you consume is fear inducing, horror stories, then you will feel fear. If on the other hand you feed your mind with constant sad stories or news, then you will feel that.

Right now, you can do without all of that. Just stop the inflow and within a few days of persistent practice you will find that your anxiety starts to calm down.

Stand guard at the door of you mind, if you let the boogie man in, you won’t like living in your mind and there will be no where to go because that’s your only home. You can stop that by just stopping it. It’s a choice.

Look your instinct is going to be NO WAY, I need to stay connected and that’s fine. If you choose to stay connected, CHOOSE only positive channels, groups where you don’t have people constantly sharing horror stories.

Stay Connected You’re Not Alone

Stay in touch with positive people over the phone. Stay in touch with those with you. If you’re finding it difficult with them, then just change the way you’re being. Change the place you’re coming from. If you’re always in a state of fear, anxiety and intense emotions, you’ll find that the children play up. Children get scared, and feed off of the vibes your giving out.

Look this sounds crazy simple but this is exactly how I manager myself in these uncertain times. I don’t thrive on uncertainty just like you don’t. So don’t try to. I get my confidence and peace of mind through doing these two things. These are two things I can be certain of and it works 100% of the time.  I rely on the One, Eternally Merciful Creator who is always taking care of my affairs, and I manage the inflow of information. I stand guard at the door of my mind. If you do this I’m pretty certain you’ll be ok.

You can do this, I have no doubt. Stay positive, live now, let the light of mercy, love and compassion flow from within you. Don’t let the fear put your light out. You can do it 😊

I’ll leave you in the hands of the Most Merciful. What else am I going to do….lol

Have an amazing day. Remember it’s your choice that maters.


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