One thing Allah teaches us throughout the Quran is how to become the best. That’s right..

You were meant to be special, Allah swt has planned for You greatness because ONLY the great ones will enter paradise. 

That means Allah swt intended for us all to be on a path of growth and development and the guide is non-other than the Quran itself. The words of Allah and the example of the Messenger (saw).

So then how do you actualise your potential without overwhelm? without being superhuman?

It’s actually quite simple and in today’s exclusive video on the Path to Mastery I expand on the Surat of Aal Imran and the statement of the Prophet (saw) where we are told how to become the masters of our own lives,

and very importantly how you can really overcome any personal challenges to become the best that Allah swt intended for you.

In today’s short Video Class I will expand on :

  • The 4 Different Personas
  • Path to Mastery
  • Obstacles
  • Destiny
  • How to Become a Master

Don’t miss the video class, i
nsha’Allah it will really help put your own life and purpose into perspective.

May Allah swt give you greatest Success in Connecting to the Quran.

Jazak’Allahu khair

Abdul Shahid

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