There is an obstacle in my way every time I really want to do something but I feel challenged, and something just manages to stop me from getting past my difficulties in life. What is that thing that stops me from so many things I want to achieve in my life?

So how do I overcome obstacles and difficulties in life? There are lots of ways but we will focus on the greatest obstacle standing in the way of progress and success for most people. Before we get into that, here’s a really important thing to understand. Life hacks, self help tips are always and forever beneficial but only temporary in nature. A permanent solution requires something far more deeper and tailored to your own individual circumstances and reality. So, in this article I will endeavour to outline that.

A brief look at Getting Over Obstacles and Difficulties

Some people think it’s confidence we need, some think it’s self worth, some think it’s lack in skill, some think it’s fear of failure and some people even think it’s fear of success. It may be none of the above for many people, or it may be that you don’t even know.

So, the problem is that the challenge remains, and it becomes such a huge obstacle to the chosen path, and it’s likely that it is stopping you from achieving really important life goals or targets. So, what can be done about such obstacles and is it possible to get past them? yes is the simple answer. But not always in the way we think it should be done.

First, it’s important that we understand what an obstacle is. You see, most people see the obstacle as the problem, the impediment in the way of successfully achieving something. As though it shouldn’t be there.

However, the truth is that there are always obstacles and difficulties in life, right? I mean look at a father trying to feed a child who won’t eat. He gets frustrated and offers brides, punishments and the lot. When nothing works, he gives up in frustration and possibly anger and says ‘ok well starve then’, and leaves the child without being fed.

After a short while the child starts to play up, get’s frustrated and irritated and starts getting upset about nothing or everything. Nothing the father does appeases the child, and so the he starts to play up with the child. The fun fact here is, that the child is still hungry or is probably angry now. If the father would just realise that the child is getting irritated just like adults do when they’re hungry maybe he could solve the problem.

You see the obstacle in the path of feeding that child didn’t go away when the father left the child unfed. Getting stuck and abandoning the path doesn’t help. The obstacle has to be passed. In this case the obstacle was the fathers lack of patience. A child will eat eventually, but for an impatient father there is not enough time. The child must eat in the time allotted by an adult otherwise it won’t do. And the father hangs around thinking ‘I’m not waiting for you’, or ‘you’re not going to ruin my planned day’.

Sometimes you just have to drop out of your thinking and just wait a little longer. Sometimes the obstacle is just that extra time required. When we try to force a situation, so it’s completes quicker and finishes ‘on time’ it never helps.

So look, your challenge maybe much more serious than a hungry child. Your challenge maybe that irritated wife, who just gives you a mental beating the minute you walk in through the door, or that ‘moron of a man’ who doesn’t seem to understand that you just want to talk and be heard 😊. We are insensitive creatures, men. We think very differently to women, but we’re not all morons as one might assume.

Ok, I digress.

So, your challenge maybe how to manage your own mind, your own sanity when the pressures of life are just on you.

Do you feel the pressure of Money, finances?

Do you feel the pressure of relationships? walking on egg shells?

Do you feel the pressure of time? it’s passing you by…

Do you feel the pressure of inaction? and you can’t figure it out…

Look whatever the challenge, one thing is for sure. You can handle it, you can solve it, you can get through it. Ok that’s three 😊

But you can do it.

Obstacles are just a figment of your imagination. That’s right, it’s all up there in cuckoo land, made up in the mind. You see it’s a figment of your imagination, meaning you imagine it to be too difficult, to be complicated, to be unsolvable.

Hey if you’re sitting there throwing verbal abuse at me because this ‘moron man’ doesn’t understand, bear with me, I get it,  I understand and I’m about to get to the point 😊.

You cannot get past any obstacle until you can begin to use your imagination to create the solution instead of making the obstacle so complicated.

Here’s why Obstacles are such a problem for most people:

A person is too problem focused

They can’t see a way out, or they’ve made up their mind that there is no way

They want someone else to fix it

They’re only willing to use the imagination for creating the problem and not the solution

They are at the end of the road

So here’s the good news!

How to solve your Problem, Challenges and get past any Obstacle

You just need to get out of problem thinking. You see problem thinking is what keeps most people a stone throws away from the solution. We think that the solution is so far off but it’s often right under your nose. If you allow, it will come out of your own mouth as hard as it may be to believe. You just need to stop being negative about the whole situation.

You see negative thinking comes from problem focus and not solution focus. You just have to become possibility focused and your mind will start pointing you towards solutions you just didn’t know existed.

In the coaching and teaching world, I have first hand experience with people who are constantly negative. In fact, there have been many days when I saw that negative thinker everytime I looked in the mirror, until one day I woke up to the real obstacle in my way. Me.

Sounds so silly huh? look in the mirror and ask yourself, do you see the obstacle that stands in your way?

Stop reading and think now…

Are you that obstacle, always negative? always unwilling to create a solution?

If the answer is a resounding NO, then you must be back with Allah and in heaven now so you can stop reading.

If on the other hand you are still here, alive and kicking then you’ll find 100% of the time there is a solution, you just haven’t found it yet. Look in the mirror.

It’s right there before your eye.

Ok I’ll stop with the cryptic nonsense. You are the solution to your problems. You have within you the ability to create a solution. You just haven’t got out of your own way yet.

The minute you get out of your own way, you will find that the creative juices start to flow through your veins and you will find a solution to every problem you’ve ever experienced.

You see the minute you can get out of your own way, you will find a path that’s without obstacles, even when it looks like your relationship is too much, or you don’t have enough of something, or your in-laws are too much, or your children are too much, or your life is not good enough, or you are not good enough.

When you think that life really stinks, life just sucks the energy out of you, it’s just negative state of mind. You can just drop out of that. Just stop.

Don’t ask me how, you already know how. Listen very carefully now.

STOP and listen because I will give you something you didn’t know you had.

Stop all distractions, stops everything and just listen for a minute.

Wait for it…

Is your mind ready for it?

Are you ready?

I don’t believe you lol

Ok you’re ready 😊 scroll down
















Be patient.








Ok so just notice how your attention honed in on what I was saying. I told you to expect something, to listen carefully now. And you stopped your mind, you stopped focusing on whatever else was going on up there(or at least I hope you did).

Look in this brief moment, if you did as I asked and listened, you focused your attention for a short while. You dropped out of whatever thinking you had going on. You started POSSIBILITY THINKING.

You started to believe that there is a way, you probably even thought I’d share it with you and you were right. I just did.

You are capable of possibility thinking. That is the state of mind and thinking when you drop out of negative ‘problem focused thinking’ and into the realm of creative imagination. When I said earlier that you use your imagination to create the obstacle, what I meant is that we all use our own imagination to make the problem so complex, so unsolvable that it becomes reality for us.

The minute you can use that same imagination, that amazing capacity for ‘possibility thinking’, you will solve your problem.

Sounds too good to be true right, well it’s so real I can’t begin to tell you. Allah said in the divine scripture, the divine guidance for life:

“Surely Allah does not burden a person with more than they can handle”

Quran 2:286

Makes sense, right?  of course it does. You can always solve the challenges, the problems in your life. You have a super power in your connection to Allah. Anything is possible when you have that amazing power of creating a solution. We all have it.

Look you may feel like there is no way, but that’s because you’re not using your ‘possibility thinking’ mind, you’re using your ‘this is too much for me’ thinking. If that’s the case, don’t get a complex, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s human nature and it’s the capacity to be either or. You have a choice and you can change at any moment.

Look in my line of work, when I’m coaching or training, I find this is a challenge that everyone has no matter how successful. Those people who you might look up to, the ones who seem to have it all, they have exactly the same challenges. They just have it in a different area of life to you. It’s a human problem.

If you feel like you could do with some help, then maybe you do need some. But that doesn’t mean at any point, that you can’t do it, or you can’t bear these challenges or find a solution. You are far more than you imagine. You have the ability to change the your world, your life and that’s all you need.

Look I’m not trying to give you a motivational speech here. I’m just a realist, and believe 100% that Allah would never let you down. There is always a way, but we often find that we can’t see that way because we stand in our own way. Changing the way you look at life and you will change everything, all obstacles, all challenges and all trials and tribulations.

You are the way, you are the solution and you only need one super power, Allah.  

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