Many of us concerned citizens of the world have this innate yearning to solve the worlds problems.  We’re always looking for ways to fix the worlds. I understand this as it’s been one of my concerns for many years.

So, the question that is often discussed in social circles is how can we fix the world? How do we solve the problems of conflict, poverty, hunger, climate change and the list goes on. When you look at the world as on onlooker, watching from the outside it can be an emotional roller-coaster creating feelings of helplessness and despair and that can be soul destroying.

Questions to Consider:

Whats the Solution to Conflict and War?

What’s the Solution to Poverty ?

What’s the Solution to Hunger and Starvation?

What’s the Solution to Climate change?

What’s the Solution to the increasing mental illness in society?

What’s the Solution to Violent and non violent crimes?

So, what’s the answer? What is the solution that Allah presents to us in the Quran? In this article I want to discuss with you a way of fixing the problem at its route because that is what creates a long-term solution, not just a temporary solution. Not just a quick bandage or fix. I’ll keep it brief just to give you food for thought. However, it’s important to understand that this is a much bigger discussion, and one with many angles.

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So here goes…

Allah, The Most Merciful Creator says:

“Indeed, Allah does not change the condition of a people, until they change that which is within themselves.”

Quran, 13-11

Now I’m sure you’ve heard this verse many times, but let me give you an explanation and reflection on this verse from a different angle.

All of the above problems I mention, conflict, war, poverty, hunger and even climate change are all the result of mankind’s actions. We go to war with each other, we dispute with each other over ownership, wealth, power and more. We indulge in endless ambition for MORE and withhold from spreading that wealth to help the world. We humans create poverty by indulging in greed and creating the imbalance in the distribution of that wealth. As a result, people starve.

We humans abuse the environment, behave recklessly not caring about the affects of our actions and as a result we slowly but surely destroy the environment.

So, the statement of Allah is true in every sense, we are the ones creating the problems and thus the solution to this is to change ourselves. That’s the only way to bring about real change, from the inside out. We change what is inside of us and then the resulting behaviours will change.  

Greed leads to hoarding, which means others go without. If you have all that you need and the surplus is all used to help others, then the world will benefit. If you just hoard that surplus, then no one benefits, not you and or the world.

So, by changing yourself, you will have an affect even if you can’t see it in a big way. The compound effects of a large group of us changing is something that Allah will cause to become a possible solution to a world wide problem.

Imagine a nation of people stopped hoarding, what would be the affects?

Well, firstly no one in that nation would be in a state of poverty or hunger…

That nation would be able to help other nations…

The good will of that nation would be recognised by others and they would follow…

Others would see this nation as a good place to invest their wealth and business…

And the list goes on.

So many benefits could come from this. Only Allah knows how far the goodness would go, because it is Allah who brings about the ultimate good.

So, we come back to the question, what is the solution to the problems of the world?

No doubt it is to change from the inside out. Change yourself first and the worlds problems will soon begin to change.

The challenge we face is that so often people think that it’s not enough if I change alone, it has to be a collective thing. Well technically that’s true for big change. However, don’t forget Allah says that He is the one that will bring about the real change.

So, you have to trust that Allah will bring about those changes, and you have to do your part, the part you actually have control of and that is to change yourself.

Does this Sounds simplistic?

You might even be thinking that it’s too simple. If so ask yourself, why would Allah deliberately make your life difficult? Why would Allah give you impossible challenges with Impossible solutions?

I suggest to you that real solution is found in the simplicity of what Allah is asking of us here. Do what YOU CAN, that’s right, just what you can. Allah wouldn’t ask you for more.

If you and I do what is within our ability to change, then naturally we will be able to do it.

You don’t need to be given a task that you can’t handle, you just need one that you can do. If everyone will do just what they can, then the world will change.

Look, it’s important to understand that this doesn’t take away from doing things to immediately alleviate the problem but those things will only go so far. Because if you solve the poverty problem in one place, you’ll soon be working to solve it in another. And there will always be new areas to focus on. Whereas if we focus heavily on actually changing the root cause, then slowly but surely Allah will give us a more permanent long-term solution.

Anyway, as I said this is just seeds for a much bigger conversation.

Jazakum Allahu khair


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