One of the struggles that most people face is reconciling between working to attain the wealth of this Dunya and all of the pleasures that come with it and to work for the hereafter, the Akhira. We feel as though if we do one, we’ll fall short in the other. And for so many of us, the biggest reason that we attribute to this is a lack of time.

So does Allah expect you to make a choice and how can you create a balance between Dean and Dunya? What you focus on will become a reality in your life. Create laser sharp focus for the different areas of your life so you have a long term balance in life, your spiritual health, your financial health, your relationships, your physical health, your business and any other area that you want to succeed at. If you focus on only one, then you will only succeed at one. The solution is to focus on all of them but one or two at a time, creating a timeline for all of your goals.

Now that sounds a little complicated, but it actually pretty simple if you follow the following steps I’ll share with you in this article insha’Allah. Rest assured, this is a solution that will work for anyone because millions of people are using it right now. This solution is routed in the famous hadeeth about intentions where the Prophet of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said

“Indeed actions are determined by what you intend”.

This is only a part of the statement, but it is the most important part because the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) is telling us that if you put your intentions behind something, meaning that you really want something, then you’ve got to be intentional about it. You have to actually decide what you want and when you do that your actions will be in line with that. A balance between Dunya and Akhira is very achievable.

One more thing I want to point out before we get into How to create balance in life and Deen is that you DO NOT need to sacrifice one for the other. Allah swt intended for us to have the best of both worlds. Don’t be of those who choose wealth and Dunya at the expense of the eternal Akhira. At the same time, you don’t have to be of those who give up the Dunya because you think that’s the only way to attain paradise. Allah doesn’t want for you poverty and weakness, Allah swt wants for you ease.

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Allah says:

“Allah desires for you ease, and does not desire for you hardship”

Quran Surat Al Baqarah 185

So let’s get into this…


6 ways to balance your life between Dean and Dunya

  1. Decide what the important areas of your life are

It’s essential that you decide right from the offset, right at the beginning what is important to you and what is not. And if you want to be successful as a person, then you have to include at least a few the following into your list of important areas of your life.

  • Connection to Allah (spiritual health)
  • Physical health
  • Relationship
  • Financial Health
  • Business
  • Fun

The above list is a suggestion on what might be important to you, but these things are generic and apply to most of us. So, you’ll probably want to make your own list, but make sure that they include the most important areas of life, which is your connection to Allah, and your health.

Because if you don’t have a foundational relationship with your Creator, then it doesn’t matter how you live, you will not achieve success in the Dunya or the Akhira.

Second, to that, you have to focus on your physical health which is essential because it gives you the energy to create the life that you want. You could have everything in the world but if you don’t have physical health and energy you will not be able to actualize any of your dreams in Deen and Dunya.


  1. Decide on your goals, Long-term and short-term

Your goals will be a reflection of the important areas of your life. Your goal should be focusing in on one or more of your important areas because they will help you to focus on those areas and develop them and slowly become successful in those areas.

It’s very important to have goals in life because going back to the Hadeeth, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said actions, the things that we do are predetermined by the intentions that we’ve made, the goals that we have in mind.


  1. Write your goals for each area of your life.

If you want to make progress in every area of your life, you’ll have to write what you want down. The areas of your life where you want to create balance must have a plan, a series of action steps that will lead you towards achieving your desired goals.

The steps you take have to be clear and actionable. Don’t sit theorising about how or what the best way is, that kills a lot of time, trust me I speak from experience. Think about practical steps that are actually possible for you to take.


  1. Take small steps.

It’s time for action and if you have great aspirations for your life then you will feel intimidated and scared. It’s very normal, we all do. So, what is the easiest way to get going and actually start to make these dreams a reality? The answer is simple, and it is small. Take small steps toward any goal that you have and take them consistently.

If you make the action steps so small that they feel as though they won’t do anything then you will more than likely take multiple steps towards your goals. But it’s very important that you actually take the action. Anything you do from here on is all about action because you’ve already decided what you want, you’ve already decided which areas of your life are important to you and how you can create that balance.

And finally, you’ve decided on the action steps towards actualising your Deen and life balance. The only thing left now is to actually take those steps and make your balanced life a reality.


  1. Expect obstacles.

Look, anyone who has significant aspiration in their life will face obstacles. Even if you want small things, you will still face obstacles or some sort of hardship or something that stands in your way. Allah tells us categorically: 

Indeed we will try you with something from fear, hunger and loss of wealth and lives and fruits ( of your labor), So give glad tidings for those who patiently persevere. 

Quran, Surat Al Baqarah 155

It’s clear we will have to face obstacles in probably most things that we care about, it’s part of the journey of life. So, expect it and accept it and then take the steps and make a contingency plan so you know what you will do if you face obstacles.

Obstacles are a natural part of the journey to creating an amazing life for both the Dunya and akhira so you have to become someone who will take the next step, even if you have obstacles, mental or physical. You have to find a way round by becoming resourceful. Don’t stop once you are in motion, keep going because it’s easier to keep going. Once you stop, it’s more difficult to start again.


  1. Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself to stay consistent every day. The greatest way to become consistent is to make it so easy that you can’t fail. Make your goals easy by doing them every single day. If you do it daily, then, after a 30, 60 or even 90 day challenge, you will find that you become prolific, a regular at taking these actions.

Pair up with a friend or family member who wants you to succeed and race to the end goal.  Take consistent action, they are the most important steps.


  1. Bonus tip

The most important ingredient that you must include in every step of the way to achieving your goal is always to align your goals and desires life with that which Allah is pleased with because Allah will aid you and support you and you will not fail.

You may have temporary setbacks but if you align your life with the pleasure of Allah you cannot fail insha’Allah.

Remember life in balance is a life that serves you both in this world, so you have everything you want, and life in the Akhira so that you can have an eternal adobe of happiness in the hereafter.

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  • Quranic guidance on Optimising Your Life
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