We have a common problem of falling into sin, becoming weak in the face of the things we want and all of us are prone to this as it’s the human condition.

I just want to know will Allah forgive me if I keep falling into Sin and how do I ask for forgiveness? this is a very common problem that we’ve all had at some point, so you’re not alone. Don’t despair Allah will forgive all sins, and all you have to do is turn back to Allah in repentance. Take the following simple steps to ask for Forgiveness:

  • Make firm Intention (be committed) to stop doing the Sin
  • Fear Allah wherever you are
  • Turn to Allah instantly, raise your Hands and ask Allah to Forgive you
  • Be remorseful about doing something that is displeasing to Allah, even if you enjoy doing the sin.
  • Do a Good deed, something that Allah loves.
  • If you can undo the wrong you have done without causing greater harm, do your best to do that.
  • Take steps to stop yourself from falling into that sin again.
  • Have 100% confidence in Allah that He will and can forgive any sin
  • Repeat the act of Tawbah (Repentance) and be persistent in seeking forgiveness with Optimism, knowing that Allah is the Most Merciful
  • Ask Allah to help you avoid that Sin and look for a Halal alternative

This following verse of Quran will be comforting for you to know, as He the Most Merciful tells us:

“Say: oh my servants, who have transgressed against themselves (by sinning), do not despair of the mercy of Allah, indeed Allah forgives all sins, Indeed He is the forgiving, the Merciful.”

Surah Zumor, 53

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You might be wondering still what if I keep committing this sin? the fact is that all humans fall into sin even when they don’t want to. We are people of desire, running after wealth, relationships and all the glitz and glamour the world has to offer.

However, Allah is the creator of you and I. Allah knew that we would be at risk of falling into sin due to our desires and that’s why He the Most Compassionate, The Most merciful showed us a way out as I’ll show you in the rest of this article insha’Allah.

How to Stop Yourself from Sinning

  1. If you make sincere intention and resolve 

Intention that you will abandon a sin, then Allah will forgive you without any shadow of doubt as you will see in the following story.  But you have to make an absolute commitment to giving up the sin. Look we can all be weak at times and fear that we will fall into that sin again, but Allah has given us power in our decisions when we commit to them.

So the bottom line is you’ve got to be committed to changing the situation, environment or circumstance to actually become committed. Because if you don’t make this commitment, you’re not fooling Allah, you only fool yourself.  YOU CAN DO THIS believe in yourself.

When you commit a sin, follow the advice of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) who said:

“Fear Allah wherever you are and follow up a bad deed with a good deed as it will wipe it out and behave well towards the people.”

  1. So Fear Allah is the first thing

We can take away from this Hadith of the Messenger of Allah (peace and Blessings be upon him). The Arabic word used here is Taqwa, which has a more comprehensive meaning that just Fear. But for us in this context Fear is fitting.

If you Fear Allah, fear being abandoned to yourself and losing the protection of Allah this is very powerful as a deterrent, stopping us from going towards that sin. Understand that for every sin we commit there is a bad outcome.

  1. Do Something Good

Know that if you have fallen into the sin, then immediately do something Good. Something that will please Allah because the Messenger of Allah informed us that if we do this in a state of remorse and seeking forgiveness then this will wipe out the Bad deed.

That’s an amazing situation to be in, you commit a sin which leads you to do some good which results in Allah forgiving you, wiping away the Bad deed and replacing it with a Good Deed. So, what started out bad, ends good. All you’ve got to do is follow up that bad deed with a Good one.

Imagine that, it’s as though you never committed the sin, completely wiped away!

Watch this Video Explainer for a quick overview I give on this subject insha’Allah.

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  1. Take Yourself out of the bad Environment

Amazing Forgiveness story from Hadith

In this famous hadith found in Sahih Muslim, Abu Sa’id AlKhudri reported Allah’s Messenger (peace and Blessings be upon him) narrating :

There was a man from the Nations before you who killed ninety nine people and then began to search for the learned people of the land (wanting forgiveness). He was directed to a monk who he approached informing him that he had killed ninety nine people and asked whether there was any possibility for his repentance to be accepted. The monk responded with “No”.

So, he killed the Monk thus completing one hundred. He then continued to seek out the learned people of the land and this time he was directed to a scholar.  He told the scholar that he had killed one hundred people and asked him whether there was any possibility for his repentance to be accepted. The scholar responded with Yes and asked him “what’s holding you back from making repentance? You should go to such and such land; there are people there in that land devoted to prayer and worship of Allah, so join them and don’t come back to this place as it’s an evil land (for you)”.

So, he departed (towards the new land) and when he had barely reached half the distance he died. The Angels of Mercy and Angel of Punishment both came to take his soul and begun to dispute about who will take his soul. The Angels of Mercy said: “This man has come in repentance, remorseful to Allah” and the Angels of Punishment said: “He’s never done any Good in life”.

Then another angel came to them in the form of a human and said: Measure the land both of you to see which land he is nearer to. They measured it and found him nearer to the land where he intended to go (the land of piety), and so the angels of mercy took possession of his soul.

The Messenger of Allah (peace and Blessings be upon him) was sent humanity as a mercy and in this narration,  he taught us that even if you commit the most evil acts, and then turn to the Lord of Mercy, Allah swt will forgive you.

This man had killed many people, he repeated that sin 100 times. Let’s be honest you and I haven’t done that. Not to belittle the sins we’ve committed of course. But if Allah the Most Merciful will forgive this man then Allah will forgive you. No doubt about it.

However, you need to take the steps towards abandoning the sin. The Scholar advised the man to leave his Land because in that environment he found it easy to commit that sin. Furthermore, the scholar advised him to place himself in an environment of good, a land where people were busy with the worship of Allah.

We are affected by the environment we place ourselves in. In order to stop yourself, place a barrier between you and your sin. Take yourself out of the situation, be remorseful by taking action to protect yourself from that sin.

  1. You will be like your friends

In the above hadith, the Messenger of Allah (peace and Blessings be upon him) showed us that this man was instructed by the scholar to go to a new land to be around people who do good. So, the question is, are your friends the sort of people that have a good influence on you? or are they committing that sin that you want to give up?

If you place yourself around people who commit the sin you’re trying to give up, how difficult do you think it’s going to be? how weak will you become when you see them doing it. It’s only natural that you could become weak around them.

So the advice of the Messenger of Allah (peace and Blessings be upon him) here is choose the right people to be around you, they will have an influence on your thinking and doing. We are affected by what we surround ourselves with and WHO we surround ourselves with.

I’ll leave you on this thought… This man had killed 99 people (a mass murderer) yet he was remorseful and started looking for the forgiveness of Allah. He approached a man asking for that forgiveness from Allah, the Monk told him it’s not happening, no way, so he killed him and fell prey to his own weakness again.

Now having killed 100 people, he approaches a scholar who gave him sound advice. That advice is: “you have to change your life, leave everything you know because your sins are HUGE”. So, this man takes the advice and makes way to the new land but dies on route and never actually makes it.

He never actually got to the land of the good people, never spent his days and nights worshiping Allah. Yet, Allah forgives him, because he made a commitment to change and started taking steps towards that forgiveness.

Allah will forgive you too… get started, make a commitment, a thought-out plan and take action.

May Allah swt bless you to an amazing servant of His.

FREE 7 Day Course 21 Ways to Get Close to Allah Become the Best You with this Quranic guide

  • Quranic guidance on Optimising Your Life
  • Become the Best version of yourself this Month
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