The EMOTIONAL Transformation - STARTS DEC 12th

If you want to Deeply Connect and have a mentor coaching you through your FEAR and Uncertainty to Creating True Reliance.


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Make this the best year of your life with Quranic guidance

Learn Quranic lessons that HELP GET THE BEST YOU OUT OF life

Ustadh Abdul Shahid focuses on Coaching / Counselling and Training Professional Coaches with a Quranic understanding of human psychology and emotional wellbeing.  He also teaches Quranic studies, teaching thousands the easiest way to understand the Quran and extract daily practical skills.

He has three primary focus is on helping people become high performing, high functioning and happy individuals.  His educational history and background led him to travel to Egypt to study the Islamic Sciences in private sittings with scholars and at the renowned Islamic seminary of Al-Azhar College and University.

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Reprogram Your Mind

Reprogram Your Mind

Reprograming your mind isn't what you think it is. In this weeks muslim life coach series we look at whether this is even possible. What does it actually mean and what is a real way to deal with emotional challenges. The science of the Nafs (Self) is a Quranic...

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Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure are two different things but they come together, one causing the other. In this Life Coaching podcast you're going to learn how to overcome this inshaAllah.  So the question is how can You Overcome Fear of Failure? especially when fear is the main...

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Negative Thoughts Can ruin Your Life

Negative thoughts are the worst thing anyone can deal with because it disrupts your mental well-being and state of inner peace.  So how do you avoid letting your Negative thought overrun you or becoming the dominant force in your state of mental health ? This is more...

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Relationship Advice that will change your Life

Relationship Advice that will change your Life

You struggle in relationships but don't know how to feel ok. Trusting that you will be ok is such as a challenge and you find that you struggle with Reliance, tawakul. Life seems to always throw you obstacles that throw you off whenever you feel everything's started...

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Life Coaching and Powerful Benefits

Life Coaching and Powerful Benefits

Is Life Coaching just this new fad that’s come out of nowhere is a common question people are asking. It makes sense because Coaching is something a lot of people haven’t heard about. On top of that it seems like every other person you meet is a life coach and when...

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How We Help You..

Understand Quran

His prime focus to the re-connect the world to the Devine guidance of Quran.  You will find all your answers in the Quran as explained by the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saw).


Abdul Shahid will Coach you 1 on 1 to help you create the results you want in life both personally and in business. Mastering your own Mind, unleashing your true potential in life.

Quranic Arabic

When you are ready to make the journey to Understand the Quran in Arabic, Ustadth Abdul Shahid teaches students how to understand the Quranic arabic with the New proven 4D Quran method.

Watch Quranic Microclass

Simplest Key to Paradise

Increase Spirituality

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The Best Dua

When you Forget Allah

Cure for Sadness

Ok.. So you want more?

Great, then I think you might be interested in our Quranic Academy. The Quran has all the principles you need to help you make the right choices and the right decisions. All you have to do is find out what the principles are and how to apply them.

Let us do the hard work for you and extract those principles and show you the easiest way to apply them.  If only we could have a step by step manual decoding lifes challenges. Well that’s what the Quranic Academy provide for you. A ‘done for you’ guide to getting the best out of life.

The Quranic Journey Course

Begin your journey of Understanding Quran through deep Analysis of the verses.

Study Personal Mastery Lesson through the Quran.

Creating a Quranic Connection

Take a short course journey to creating Greatness through the Quran.

If you haven’t done our Free Course Go ahead.

Take a short course on Connecting to the Quran and Developing your life skills. We’ll guide you through days of personal transformation through the Quran.

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