Learn the easy way to connect to the Quran Daily & take a Journey of Personal Devopment

So many people feel disconnected from the Quran. Join us on a journey of Personal Development through Understanding the Quran. Learn from classical tafsir the practical skills you could use in daily life, become more confident, more productive and connected to the Quran.



Who is this for ?

QuranicConnection.tv is an online Quranic Coaching Academy built for BUSY people, Students, Parents, Professionals, Entrepeneurs and anyone looking to connect to the Quran on a practical level so that you can feel connected to the Allah every day. 

Our Goal is to help you connect to the Quran so that it empowers you with the skills you need and Inspires you to become the very best that you can be. A continual Self development journey guided by the Quran and Sunnah. In the past the scholars called this Tazkiyatun Nafs.

The prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: Indeed I have been sent to perfect that Character

 The 3 steps to creating A Quranic Connection


1 . Understand Quran

Start your Quran journey and study page by page tafsir from the beginning to the end. Take selectes verses every week and learn how to understand & apply in modern life.

2 . Develop Skills

Learn practical lessons on how to apply the Quranic guidance in your life today. Every week take away skills that will empower you to become the best you can be.

3 . Life Mastery

Watch weekly Mastery Classes and learn how we develop and optimise every area of your life starting from today with guidance from the Quran & Sunnah .

How will this help you

Your Own Connection

Build a connection you love, regular Quran through weekly bite size classes that you can fit into your busy schedule.

Quranic Mindset

Learn how to develop your thinking through Quranic training so you can eliminate the negative cycle of thoughts that so many people face.

Islamic Mentoring

Your Self development journey with weekly Mastery classes will help you design and develop the life of your desires.

Your Pace

Study at your own pace. Speed up or slow down as it suits your busy schedule. Video Classes  are released every week to give you an Easy but managable journey of learning. Life hacks that could trasform your life both Deen and Dunya.


Quranic AUDIOS

Can’t watch the Video Class ? no problem you can listen to the Classes on the go with our Audio streaming MP3’s.


24 / 7 Access

Watch Video classes any time that suits you on your Mobile, Tablet or Laptop. You can access your courses anywhere in the world.

What Do you get

Every week you get access to

Quranic journey Class

One weekly Video class where you Study the Quran word for word from the very first page with the Goal of understanding the message of Allah within the context of your modern day life. This will be a journey of understanding, reflection and spiritual development. Altimately the goal is to help you connect to the Quran.

Classes take a look at the linguistic nuances of selected verses and reflect on the stories behind the verses and the classical understanding, finishing with BIG IDEAS that you could apply to your life right now.

Every week you get access to

LiFe Mastery ClasS

One weekly Video Mentoring class where you make Quran your life time partner, guiding you through life. The Life Mastery mentoring classes will help you through your self development journey where you learn about the optimal strategies and ways of creating the life you want.

Subjects include : Mindset, Confidence, Health & Energy, Sleep, Wealth , Freedom, Knowledge, Goal setting, Life planning, Relationship & leadership skills. All this and more.


Quranic Arabic (Coming Soon)

Self paced Quranic Arabic bite size classes for absolute beginners with a community of students. You’re not alone in this journey but you can go at a pace that suits your needs. This is in the pipeline at the moment as we’ve had a lot of request for this. Insha’Allah you will be first to access this on it’s launch.

All Day and Night

You Have 24/7 Access

Got shift work ? changing timetable ? if time has been an issue for you in the past, from here on you have 24 hours a day access, 7 days a week. Time is a problem of the past insha’Allah.

My message to you

Spiritual, Social and Economic Success all starts with living with the understanding and practice of the greatest lessons of the Quran.

Sometimes we can spend years roaming around asking for everyones advice except the Creators. So lets make it simple, begin with the Quran and then just look at how the world changes in your life.

I believe it’s the key to the success of every muslim, in fact every human. This is why I’ve made it my lifes Goal to help you connect insha’Allah.

Lets do this !

Ustadth Abdul Shahid

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Questions ?
Who is QCTV For?

It’s for anyone who wants to understand the Quran and extract the guidance that will help them in day to day life.

It’s for everyone who wants to live up to the potential that Allah swt created for them. If you want to improve your life in any way the Quran is the prime source for you.

What if i sign up & it's not what i expected?
No problem, there’s no contract so you can cancel anytime. You also have a 30 Day money back Guarantee  so just cancel within 30 days and send us an email requesting your refund to  support@Quranicconnection.tv and you will be refunded.
What if this is too difficult for me ?

 Don’t worry, the Video classes are EASY insha’Allah, taught in a way that everyone will benefit, those are are absolute beginners as well as those who have studied the Quran before.

Alhamdulilah we pride ourselves in making the learning process easy for everyone. Easy = Enjoyable 🙂

What if i don't have time to do this ?

If you really don’t have any time for your own personal Quran journey, then I’d say you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to do this and i’d recommend you make the time.

is the price going to change ?

Insha’Allah the monthly or annual price that you sign up for will be guaranteed for the duration of your subscription. When you sign up on a discounted price, the fee will never be increased for you until you cancel it yourself.

Can i share my subscription with others ?
No. That would be a violation of your agreement with us. We have priced it low on purpose so that it would be accessible for everyone insha’Allah.

QCTV student reviews

Alhamdulilah i'm loving this quran journey, i really needed this right now.

Shanaaz M

Jazak'Allahu khair brother for the motivation, i'm really enjoying this.

Laila M

I've been looking to understand quran in a practical way that i could use in my life and this has been a real blessing alhamdulillah

Yousaf P