Goal Setting is one of the ways to create a life. It’s actually one of the most effective ways to map out your future successes and drive yourself to a higher purpose. In fact, most people have found success in setting themselves goals in life and following through.

So what about Goal setting for Procrastinators and people who lack self discipline?

Well there is a way, it’s a bullet proof way to achieve your goals despite being challenges with ‘Issues’ you can also do it, even if you’ve failed a 100 times. This article is about Why you should NOT set huge millennial Goals, Vision boards that look like heaven, and Why if it is bad for you if you’re a certain type of person that suffers from procrastination and a lack of discipline.

That’s right if you fit into any of the following descriptions YOU SHOULD NOT set Goals because it will totally derail your success and make you fail a lot quicker. But don’t worry I’m going to give you ‘THE EASY WAY’ 😊lol… I’m not even joking, even though it might feel counter-intuitive to even think like this.


So first ask yourself, do you procrastinate?

Always delaying everything till the last minute and then getting overwhelmed with how much you have to do.

Do you find that your goals setting is so meticulous that you know what you will do every minute of your day, then you look at your to-do list and feel totally anxious about how much you have to do?

Are you the sort of person that sets goal and goal and follows the plan to set audacious goals, that look so big that you feel it’s impossible to do it in the time you have set yourself. I mean your so ambitious when you are feeling high in energy levels, that when your energy levels drop you feel like it’s impossible. At which point you start to give yourself a mental beating? does that sound like something you might do?

Are you a productive person? always getting things done. You know you can get things done if you put your mind to it because there are those days, where you are so disciplined, you don’t think about it and you just force yourself to do as much as possible. At the end of 3 days of discipline you feel so happy and motivated that you’ve done so much you tap yourself on the back and you just go ahead and give yourself the permission to take 2 days off. You’ve got quite the to-list left to get back to, but you think ‘hey, I’ve done a lot’.

After 2 days you come back to that list, and absolutely dred the idea of another gruelling 3 days of discipline. You remember how difficult it was. So your break extends another 3 days.

Maybe you’ve had the same Goals for the last 5 years, and at the end of every year you sit down for the goal setting exercise and you think there’s something wrong with your process. So its December time and you see people advertising Dream Life Goal setting courses, so you go and sign up for one or two, thinking it will help you get those dreams this year.

Well if that sounds like you congratulations! woo hoo… I can confirm that you are only human.

But my guess is that you’ve been beating the heavans out of yourself for so long, that you might think I’m going to hell 😊

I’m kidding. You’re going to be ok. Lighten up, take a deep breath…

I’m going to share a better way of doing this.

But hey, here’s my disclaimer, it might NOT WORK… if you DON’T WORK.

What? yes you heard me right.

If you sit there and just read this, thinking wow what a great article. So succinct, so relatable, so on point.. lol ok I’m still messing with you.

If you just sit and read this and nothing, you will get nothing.


First thing GOALS are important. We will not be getting rid of them.

Second, You must decide RIGHT NOW.. What do you want to have happen in your life in the next 3 Months?

Let’s be very realistic, I want you to have fun with this question. What would you like to create in your life in the next three month, the next 12 weeks?

Take one of your dream goals, break it down so small, that you can take just ONE SMALL STEP towards it every day.

Third, I want you to break it down so small that you cannot fail and that it becomes almost effortless.

If you’ve not done this. Stop reading right now, leave this open so you can come back to it. Grab a piece of paper and write down what your goal is and how you can take one small step.

Fourth, 12 weeks may not be enough, if it’s a huge goal. So break your Huge goal into 4 steps. Then break down each step into 12 weeks. Now your goal from here on is only those 12 weeks, nothing else.

Fifth, decide when you will do it, make it so easy that you cannot fail to do it. Schedule it into your calendar.

Sixth and final step. Take the first step, DO the first step. Now if you’re hesitating, then maybe it’s too big, you’ve not made it small enough. Take one tiny step, that’s all.

Stop everything now, do it now.

Rinse and repeat as they say. If you do this over and over for the next 12 weeks, you’ll see your life will move mountains in the next 12 months. Just focus on today and your mini 12 week plan. That’s all you need to do.

Trust me you’ll get a lot more done if you do it this way.

If you have this huge hairy, audacious goal, you won’t do a thing. It will fizzle out and you’ll find yourself buy yet another goal setting course. I reckon that might sound familiar, I speak from my own experience by the way.

Look I am very serious if you follow the 12 week protocol you will find your life starts to shape out exactly as you’d like it to insha’Allah.

BUT and there’s a big BUT … you might actually struggle with life itself and NOT just goals. If that’s you, check out this program, it might change your life for ever. It’s actually “the Dream life program”, except it’s about REAL LIFE and creating a life better than dreams.


Have a great day, take small steps now, you can do this 😊.

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