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Welcome to the “21 Ways to get Close to Allah” Course.

JazakAllahu khair for joining me in this journey for personal growth and success in  these blessed days. Glad to have you join us.

This program has been developed because we all have a need for happiness and success in life. You’ve been created this way by Allah swt  so that you get the best of this life and insha’Allah make the success of this life, your key to enter Paradise.

The problem that most of us face is that we are distracted and diverted towards a ‘Fake Success’. That type of success looks good and most people strive for it. But ask yourself the Question…

Will that Success allow you to enter paradise where you will be Close to Allah?

Does that success help you draw closer to Allah and feel connected right now?

Or does the Success you currently chase, keep you so busy that you have no time for Allah?

Look it’s a normal phenomenon now, we are all distracted and that’s why Allah swt said this world is a Fleeting Enjoyment…

Because YES we enjoy it, BUT it leaves us in the end.

And then you find yourself looking for more…

And we all now from experience, more is never enough…


Alhamdulilah I’ve developed this course to help you to become Success driven, get more happiness now, fail less, and enjoy this world AND at the same time..

Make all that you do in your day to day life, contribute towards your happiness both in the Dunya and the Akhira.

In other words have a WIN-WIN situation, win the Dunya now, and then Win the Akhira when you enter paradise insha’Allah.

WATCH THE FOLLOWING INTRO – It’s just a brief couple of minutes where I’ll discuss the essence of the course and what you should expect insha’Allah.

I talk about 30 days in this video…

Ignore that, Lets make it EASY and simple for you.  If you focus on any one step for 30 days, you will make it a habit in your life  insha’Allah. That is what will give you compounding and incremental success.


Is for you to get Close to Allah insha’Allah. It’s not about how much you do, it’s about the Quality of your connection to Allah.

How to use the Course :

For the Next 7 Days I will share with you 21 Foundational Lessons to establish your Understanding of How to get Success according to the Quran and Sunnah.

Each Day I will share with you several Videos (5 minutes in long approx.) covering all 21 Steps towards connecting with Allah for the ultimate success.

And I would suggest that you take mental notes of the most important lessons you learn from Each.

Don’t worry about implementing everything overnight. Islam was revealed over 23 years, so Allah doesn’t expect you to become the end result overnight.

My suggestion is just watch the videos, and then re-watch whichever video resonates with you more. Spread it out over the next 21 Day and start to practice some of the EASIEST lessons I share with you first.


I will Share with you the Key to Happiness. I suggest you start practising the lesson daily for the next 30 days… Don’t worry ? be patient… you have time and insha’Allah you will learn the Key and how to use it daily.

Each Day after that you will receive the next Steps Videos, just take mental notes and try your best to understand them.

I promise they are simple to understand, and simple to use. Allah would never make the His religion difficult for the people.

We usually do that to ourselves…lol

So keep your eye out, make sure you check your spam / junk folder in case you don’t receive my emails.

I pray Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala gives you the greatest Success, and you use this to draw close to Allah through the use of this.

My request is that if you find this beneficial to your life, please make Dua Allah gives us success in helping people connect back to Allah.

Jazak’Allahu khair


Ustadth Abdul Shahid
Master Coach Instructor & Mentor

The Muslim Life Coach Institute

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