Finding Peace and tranquility is a constant struggle for many people. People try many techniques from meditation, achieving goals, increasing in wealth and even exercise. For sure all of these things will have some affect in getting some clarity and maybe even short term peace of mind.

So the Question is how can you create real peace of mind? Peace of mind is all connected to the heart. Allah almighty gives us a constant path to creating peace of mind through the Quran. You might be saying to yourself, ‘well i read the Quran, I pray as well so why am I not achieving this peace of mind?’ and so in today’s lesson on connecting , we discuss exactly how one can create a lasting peace of mind and Heart. To two definately need to be in it to get a real lasting happiness.

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  1. Peace of Mind

Don’t forget this is subject to the lessons we discussed in today’s session, but you altimately have a say and can create you own peace and happiness insha’Allah. 

It’s important to also understand that this lesson is no abstract theory, it’s a real practical lesson that the Creator, Allah is teaching us.

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