Emotional pain is something we all want to avoid. In fact people go to great lengths to avoid the emotional ups and downs they are facing. This is one of the biggest struggles we struggle with when it comes to relationships and procrastinating in life.

So why does Emotional pain cause us to stay in avoidance, or feel numbness of emotions?

Have you ever felt so much emotional stress and pain that you feel numb to what’s going on in your relationships, in your life? well you are not alone.

There is a way to resolve it and in this weeks Life Coaching lessons we go into the connection between emotional pain that you might be feeling and your behaviour and what you are doing daily.

That’s right if you feel you are struggling with emotional turbulance, ups and downs of low mood and you feel stuck in life, maybe you are sabotaging your relationships, or maybe you feel stuck because you keep putting your life off. Whatever it is there is a link and we discuss it in this coaching lesson.


do you procrastinate?

Always delaying everything till the last minute and then getting overwhelmed with how much you have to do?

This is going to help you to get to the bottom of why you procrastinate because it’s the delaying of important things in our lives that causes us to feel stuck and feel a lot of low moods, self loathing and other such feelings people have. Don’t miss this.

Is your Relationship on edge constantly?

This is something too many of us struggle with The causes we cover in this address what it is that causes the bulk of the problems we face in our relationships.

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Have a great day, you can do this 😊.

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