Understand Quran – Connect to Allah – DAY 1

Welcome to the “Connect to Your Quran” DAY 2.

Today we will focus on 1 Key Lessons insha’Allah:

1) How to Create the Connection of Allah through a Powerful Mindset

It’s a short 6 minutes Micro class on what Allah intended for you in this life.

How are you supposed to connect to Allah, and create the relationship that empowers you in life?

The Most Powerful mindset is one that makes you strong. It gives you peace and serenity to go about your life, a happy person NO MATTER what troubles you have.

I’ve spent years trying to figure out the most obvious key to a powerful and peaceful mindset. In this lesson we expand on One of the Verses of the Quran where Allah swt gives it to us in plain Arabic… lol obviously not English, but I’ll explain it in english insha’Allah.

It’s the cause of your happiness, but often we miss it completely in chasing temporary fleeting happiness. 

Your psychology, mindset determines how you feel everyday.

Click here to Watch this following Short videos and you’ll understand everything I’m talking about insha’Allah.

Ok go ahead watch the Classes, please email me know how it’s helping you insha’Allah.

May Allah swt give you greatest Success in Connecting to the Quran.

Jazak’Allahu khair

Ustadth Abdul Shahid
Quranic Connection Mentor

PS. you’ve probably already heard, the New Quran Journey is starting, but i’ll tell you about that later.


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