Understand Quran – Connect to Allah – DAY 8


Welcome to the “Connect to Your Quran” DAY 8.

Subhan’Allah time doesn’t wait for anyone. We’re already on day 8 and in this ESSENTIAL lessons will :

1) How to Create Success in Your Life Through Habits

Right, that sounds a bit odd, but think about this isn’t Islam 5 Pillars that are fixed?

Didn’t Allah teach us that the 5 Daily prayers are REGULAR?

Doesn’t your body tell you what time you’re ready for sleep using cues like feeling tired, yawning, red eyes? 

Of course, we humans are systematic because that’s the way Allah created us. It’s the way we will continue to exist by following the ritual and habits of a human and of course a Muslim.

Chances are if you’re having great success or not so great results in your life, it’s to do with what we will learn in today’s Super important class. It’s actually based on a Hadith of the Prophet (saw).

But this lesson is so important I left it to today. Life depends on this type of knowledge both in Dunya and Akhira.

So go ahead watch the class, I think you’ll really get something out of this.

May Allah swt give you greatest Success in Connecting to the Quran.

Jazak’Allahu khair

Ustadh Abdul Shahid

PS. feel free to press reply on any of my emails and let me know how you’re getting on or maybe even some of the things you’re struggling with.


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