Understand Quran – Connect to Allah – DAY 6


Welcome to the “Connect to Your Quran” DAY 7.

So, of course, you know Dua is the key to the Dunya and Akhira, but there is A Dua that could bring you FAILURE:

1) The Dua for Success VS the Dua that Causes Failure

We always want to know about which are the best Duas to make.

How can we attain the answers to our Duas, that’s an essential lesson we will learn today. But in today’s verse of the Quran Allah swt teaches us a Dua to AVOID at all cost.

The strange thing is without knowing so many of us have fallen into this. But Allah in his infinite mercy guides us towards success as always. 

Look if you don’t believe me, Shaytan made a Dua that Allah answered and it’s going to take him to the Jahannam (Hell). He made the Dua for respite till the day of judgement. Guess what?  Allah gave it to him.

Anyway, i’m sure you’re not making a dua like that..lol

But there is a grey area we fall into, and in today’s Verse of the Quran, we will save ourselves from this insha’Allah.

Go ahead watch the class above.

May Allah swt give you greatest Success in Connecting to the Quran.

Jazak’Allahu khair

Ustadh Abdul Shahid

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