Understand Quran – Connect to Allah – DAY 3

Welcome to the “Connect to Your Quran” DAY 3.

Today we will focus on the 3rd Key Lessons insha’Allah:

1) How to Create Happiness that Allah wants you to have

It’s a short 7 minutes Micro class the where Allah teaches us the Key to your Heart, the Key to Your Dunya and akhira. 

Allah wants happiness for you, and shows us in the Quran how to create constant happiness, even though you WILL go through ups and downs in life. 

Allah teaches us in this Verse that you have the ability to Create your own happiness and do it daily with a simple and most powerful way.

Go ahead watch the class.

May Allah swt give you greatest Success in Connecting to the Quran.

Jazak’Allahu khair

Ustadh Abdul Shahid
Quranic Connection Mentor

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