ILMU-NAFS Certification Training

Unleash your Highest potential, gain Freedom, Connection and realise your Unique Purpose in life, not just the mechanical rituals of life.

Does this sound familiar to you ?

Why Do I feel like I’m always looking for something but don’t know what ? You have achieved goal after goal in your life but there is always something missing so you keep trying new things.

Why do I feel a spiritual void in my Salah? You do all the things to connect to Allah but you struggle to feel spiritually connected. 

Why Do I feel unhappy no matter what I achieve ? You have so many things in your life and others tell you your life is great but you just don’t feel happy no matter what.

I don’t feel happy in my work anymore and want work that aligns with my purpose!   You want to earn a living doing something you love and you just don’t feel that Love even thought you chose your career.

Why do I keep procrastinating? You know what to do but just struggle to take the action to make it happen, even after doing courses, taking advice and understanding your psychology but it persists.

You’re trying to make sense of life but you constantly struggle with the inner motor mouth (waswas) that just won’t stop sabotaging you.

You struggle with motivation dips or Enthusiasm for your life even though you seem to be doing great.

You want the freedom to have an Impact on the world and leave a legacy that serves you in the Akhira, not just the Dunya.

You want to feel like you’re serving Allah and helping humanity but you’re not confident that what you do is in line with the Quran and Sunnah or even helping you to serve your Purpose.

You’ve spent years studying how to live a wholesome life, enjoying parts of life, trying to work it out for yourself but it always seems to be a struggle.

Are you trying to figure it out?

Asalamu alaikum

If you resonate with any of the above OR you help people with these sorts of challenges then what I’m about to tell you about will help YOU exponentially insha’Allah.

Most of us want to create some level of happiness, reach our goals, and get over our obstacles so that we can create a life that we dream about whilst feeling connected to Allah.

Over the past few years I’ve realised a few things that I think you’ll agree with me on  :

Stress plays a BIG role in most people’s lives. NO ONE wants stress.

Reaching our Goals, feeling like you are living your purpose and achieving your dreams is a HUGE factor contributing to your happiness.

We want to feel security and freedom from Money worries.

No one wants to live from a place of Fear.

Everyone wants some level of connection, especially connecting to Allah.

Relationship issues complicate life when you just want things to be easier.

Do you feel you can confidently solve these problems for yourself OR others you work with ? 

So here’s the Good News ! 

This year I’m going to personally mentor and coach a small group of people like you to make that Life and Business a reality.

Starting now 2020 I will be personally coaching and training a select few on the:

ILMu-NAFS Mentoring & Coaching Program

Divine Principles of Personal & Professional Transformation

To understand the greatest challenges you face and how to overcome them can seem like a huge task, especially when it feels like it’s been going on forever.  This program is 100% based on the Quranic understanding of the Human mind, body and Soul. 

‘ILMU NAFS’ loosely translated means knowledge of the self. This is the lost science of Islamic Psychology.  

Over 1400 years ago Quranic revelation gave us a clear understanding of how we humans are built and what’s the best ways to navigate life so that we can face any challenge, grow and become who we were created to be. We call this the process of Ihsan.

This is a program where we will go through a Transformation journey of creating whatever you want in your life guided by the Quran. If you are looking for group of like minded people, who can support your journey of transformation then this is going to be the program for you.

If you feel like you have all the components of a happy life, yet you are never content, there’s always an emptiness there, then insha’Allah you will resolve that permanently.

If you’ve struggle with Goals, you keep setting yourself every year but never manage to reach them, frustration and feelings of failure then this is your chance to change that insha’Allah.

If you struggle with your mind, get peace of mind and stable emotions then this is going to be for you.

Maybe you’ve studied Islam, Arabic or even memorised parts of the Quran. Yet you struggle to find peace, then in this program you will resolve that insha’Allah. 

If you are successful in some areas of your life and other areas just seem to be a mess, then this is going to help you resolve that insha’Allah.

If fear or low self worth or lack of confidence is getting in the way of your life, then this program will be for you insha’Allah.

what is this Program ?

This is a training program that has been in development for the best part of the last 20 years. Through a journey of Understanding Quranic Tafsir, the Islamic sciences, various Psychology modalities, Coaching and facilitator training has led me to discover and develop a modern version of the classical Quran Understanding of ILMU-NAFS or ISLAMIC PSYCHOLOGY.

If what you’ve read so far resonates for you personally, OR it is a problem you help others with ( you might be a Therapist, Coach, Consultant, Clinician or generally in the Helping People professions), then this program will equip you to help people who suffer from an array of challenges which might include, Anxiety or fear, feelings of hopelessness, fear of death, troubled relationships, lack of self worth and confidence and the list goes on. 

This is not an alternative therapy, it is the Divine Principles of ILMU-NAFS which deals with the psychological and physiological well being of every human as revealed in the Quran and Sunnah. It’s how all humans have been designed to work at optimum performance.

In this Mentoring program I will take you through the Divine Principles found in both Quran and Sunnah.

You will go through a personal journey of transformation through understanding the Quran and become the most confident you’ve ever been insha’Allah. 

This will give you the certainty you need to have 100% confidence in yourself as well as helping others get real lasting results insha’Allah.

The program works on weekly & fortnightly basis where you will join mentoring sessions for a period of 12 months (including breaks). Here you will learn  learn the foundational Quran and Sunnah lessons around the subjects of the program.

The whole mentoring program can be either Group, 1-to-1 sessions, or both.

This is NOT a video course. It is LIVE Mentoring and Coaching.

In the program you will learn how to enhance your own life and how to help others using this method both in the faith based context as well as a secular non faith based context.

All human beings face challenges and using these Divine Principles you will be able to help yourself and anyone you know insha’Allah.

What most people do, is it get trapped in a cycle of events and circumstances and a vicious circle of emotional turmoil that comes with it. It’s innocent, and we’re all trying to do the best we can to figure it out.

But here’s the thing, what if you don’t have to ‘figure it out’? 

What if you could just know exactly how life works according to the Creator of Life, Allah?

If you knew that, wouldn’t life be so much easier for you to navigate?

The ILMU-NAFS Divine Principles Mentoring program is exactly that.  We take a journey through the Quranic understanding of how your Mind, Body and Soul operates in this world at it’s optimum.

Look!  If you’re a help worker, coach, therapist, clinician you are always and forever a simple human being. You know from experience sometimes the treatment works and other times it doesn’t. 

What you will find with this methodology is that it works 100% of the time, with all humans. Things don’t have to be so complex.

So with The Divine principles of ILMU-NAFS you will be totally equipped insha’Allah to deal with any challenge in your own life, be it personal, career, relationships, health or wealth.

You cannot help others with what you do not already possess. This program gives you the blueprint to become 100% confident and certain that you can help yourself and other people get the results that they want.

 Real Results

Alhamdulillah I am fascinated by my progress. If someone had said to me one and a half years ago that in one and a half years time you will be able to write, read and understand Arabic, I wouldnt have believed them. But by the grace of Allah I am doing exactly that…

Rushna Miah, Professional & Busy Mum

I have always wanted to learn Quranic Arabic to understand the Quran but like others I used to think that Arabic is a very difficult language to grasp however within a couple of months into the course, I was able to make and understand ​ sentences Alhamdulillah and now I can understand ​some of the verses of the Quran without being at the mercy of the English translation.  

Nasima, Educator & Mum

​Alhamdulilah even though I’m a busy mum and work full time as a Doctor doing shift work, Allah blessed me with this course, and I can now understand Arabic and even speak with my Arab colleagues at work.

​​Alhamdulilah this has changed my relationship with the Quran

Dr Rabia


 Mistake #1  We try to figure out for ourselves

We assume that all knowledge is acquired through observation and reflection. That’s a huge mistake. Knowledge has to be acquired and processed before being reflected upon. Wisdom is found between the lines, but it’s also Divinely inspired as Allah has informed us in the Quran. 

Alhamdulilah the ILM NAFS program is super simple and the Islamic Psychology based on the Quran will give you all that you need to be able to decipher between what is just thought and what is inspired thought or wisdom.

Mistake #2  You have to be patient 

Some people are under the mistaken belief that you just have to be patient and endure the difficulties and relief will eventually come in the hereafter.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that. You can be happy today, in this life. Allah is the most Compassionate and Merciful now. We just have trouble seeing that.

As a Heart-Centred help person, Coach or therapist you want to have the greatest impact on the lives of your clients and those around you. At the same time you will want to build a practice where you can do what you love whilst getting paid for it.

If you feel a spiritual high temporarily, a real Iman boost, then after a while life throws a challenge at you and you’re back to square one then this program will help you stop that insha’Allah.

Mistake #3 Dunya always comes first

That’s right, people don’t invest in their connection with the Quran. We look in every place for the answers but where it is.

Nice clothes, holidays, cars, homes and all the other things are perfectly fine and good tools for life. However, to invest very little into education and understanding of life and akhira will actually give you results now, not just in the hereafter.

We will only ever reap the rewards of our investments.

Student See Results

Khadija – Busy Professional / Mum

Course FOCUS

1 . Personal Transformation

Gaining your own grounding in the Islamic Psychology model through the Quran. This alone will change your life forever insha’Allah. Create peace of mind, confidence and resilience for daily life.

2 . Interpersonal Transformation

You know you have a greater purpose, Allah created your with such potential. In this module you will learn how to have the greatest impact on others in your world. Learn how to take this into your workplace and transform the lives of others.

3 . Commercial transformation

How to set yourself up so that you can make a Living and becoming prosperous while serving Allah and the world. Learn the lost art of Soul-to-Soul Sales and Marketing.  Learn how to setup your own practice and do the work you love and get paid for it.

How this will help you

Your Own Connection

Confidence, Welbeing, Purpose, Action, Motivation all comes from your Own personal Connection. 

Quranic Mindset

Learn how to develop your thinking through Quranic training so you can eliminate the negative cycle of thoughts that so many people face.

Emotional Intelligence

Living the greatest life requires a Guide, Nurturing and Coaching to help you through the highs and lows.  You’ll discover Your Inner GPS.

1:1 support & accountability

Be connected to your Mentor  so you get personal mentoring and accountability. 


Become a Coach / mentor

Once you go through your own personal transformation you will have the tools to help anyone with their challenges based on the Quranic understanding of life.  


Achieve pure Happiness

This can’t be explained here, but you’ll know it when you feel it insha’Allah. This will be based on nurturing your Connection with Allah. It’s not as hard as you think.

This course is for you if…

You’re are ready to live your Potential and you want to make a difference in the lives of others but just need a simple blueprint for success.

You’re ready succeed at Dunya & Akhira without being overwhelmed by how much you have to do.

You want to invest in your Connection to the Quran  but you don’t have a lot of time and you’re looking for a program that gives you real Results without having to compromise your work life commitments.

You realise there’s something you’re missing and your ready to find your answers and get the missing link.

You’re sick of wondering aimlessly trying to figure this out by yourself and you just want to see quick and sure results knowing others are achieving it.

You have a passion for helping people and you want to have a Success blueprint that works 100% of the time, so you can share it and feel like your work helps you with your Purpose in life.

Most importantly you want to feel Close to Allah and feel connected and feel confident that your life’s not just empty rituals.

Coaching Curriculam

Islamic Psychology

Personal Transformation

 This is where your foundation is built. We will travel through the Quran to understand how the human psychology and physiology is to be understood. When you understand this knowledge, you will know the simplest and most effective way to understand your own behaviour and how to bring about lasting change according to the Designer of Life.

This is knowledge of both physical and metaphysical in nature. It will complete the incomplete picture that humanity has pieced together. Knowing and understanding how Allah designed you will help you to stop going against the grain.

It will help you to stop struggling and find a simple way to circumvent the challenges you face in day to day life.

If you suffer or know of people who suffer from excessive mental chat, constant thinking and over analysing of everything in your life, this will show you how to stop that negative drain on your energy and life.

Truly understanding the nature of your Soul will help you to work towards a natural balance in life and connect to the Al-Mighty Creator of Life.

Some of the Side Affects / Benefits of this:

~ Get Clarity of Mind

~ Create Emotional Stability

~ Eliminate Self Doubt

~ Eliminate Self Sabotage

~ Create true Inner Confidence

~ Clear away habitual thinking & limiting beliefs

~ Create the Motivation you need

~ Learn how to Rely on yourself

~ Lay the plan that works for you

~ Create Momentum in getting things done

~ Stop battling with yourself

~ Become who you are inspired to be

~ Have impact in your relationships

~ Build relationships that make you happy

~ Get over the past

~ Stop fear from dictating your life


Interpersonal Change

Impact transformation

Having impact on the world, the Ummah and all those you encounter in life is the key to your legacy. If you want to have an impact on those around you, you need to be impacted yourself. The greatest impact you will ever have on someone else is going to depend on having your deep inner confidence and certainty about what you are sharing. This is the realisation and learnt model, but there is mastery of skills that are also required for you to have life transforming impact on the lives of others.

In this portion of the program you will be mentored and coached on how to come from that place of deep inner confidence and certainty. How to coach from the Soul to Soul method, where you not only understand exactly what is going on with those you’re helping, but also mastering the skills of coaching and mentoring yourself so that you can completely uncover the deepest barriers to change.

People often don’t know what is really going on with themselves, and here’s where the Quranic journey will help you to help them uncover the truth. No set of techniques can help to alleviate this except for Divine intervention. You will learn how to facilitate that WITHOUT making people live through the traumatic memories.

You will learn that Allah doesn’t expect you to dig up all of those old memories in order to unlock the problems people are facing. There’s a much simpler way insha’Allah.

Some of the Side Affects of this:

~ Become an ILM NAFS specialist, facilitator or Coach

~ Build Resilience, Confidence and Motivation

~ Build Life time relationships with clients who become raving fans

~ Put yourself ‘Out there’ without fear of criticism

~ Achieve Goal after Goal effortlessly without fear of failure

~ Create a bank account for the Dunya and Akhira whilst having fun

~ Eliminate fear of working with Groups of people

~ Become certain you can Serve people with TRUE lasting transformation

~ Become confident in Serving both faith and non-faith based communities

~ Learn how to leave your footprints on this earth and impact others forever

Win-Win Commercial

business Transformation

The final transformation will be your commercial transformation where you learn how to unlock the hidden money traps in your life. This is the part where you learn to become the value in your world, where everyone wants to work with you.

You see most of us have been educated and moulded into the job world, being an employee or consultant where we are paid for our time. You will learn how to really live in a world of abundance and break away those glass ceilings holding you back from your potential.

All your limited money beliefs cleared away you’ll start to become the commercial master you know you can be, albeit from a place of service and love and not from a place of neediness.

All of those fears around sales, visibility, audience will be unblocked clearing the way for true abundance in your life.

You will learn how to create a business where you flourish as well as your clients. It’s a win-win relationship where no one loses.

Some of the Side affects of this module:

~ Become / Grow your visibility

~ Find the perfect clients

~ Become the go-to trusted Advisor

~ Get clear on Pricing & packages that work for you and your clients

~ Learn how to Enrol clients from a place of Service and Love

~ Eliminate self-sabotage and fear around Selling

~ Operate from a Coaching Package model instead of Hourly fees

~ Become a thriving Coach and Love it



All subjects are studies on an ongoing basis through out the year.  Subjects will be taught at a theory level and practiced for a mastery level.

Islamic Psychology

Understand the way humans work 100% of the time so that you Soul, Heart  and Mind can combine to support lifes flow with ease, alleviate the constant struggles and become the Most connected you’ve ever been to Allah.

Purpose & Life

Align with your Unique purpose in life. Life isn’t just a set of rituals and belongings. In this you will learn how to make your life count so you succeed in the Dunya as well as the Akhira without having an overwhelming life. 

Legacy & Impact

The fundamental nature of Success is that we feel like we have achieved our true potential. This part of the course is all about having an impact in the world and creating a legacy that you truly are happy with and beyond the physical possession we all strive for. It’s all that will matter to you at the end of your life.

Abundance & Wealth

Feeling abundance in life is a crucial element that we all struggle with, rich or poor. No matter how much we have it never seems to satisfy us.  So in this part we will focus on ‘Getting More’ and ‘Serving Allah’ at the same time. A real Win-Win so that you can have both and succeed at the highest level.

Coach Training

You will learn how to become the best Coach you can be, so that your impact as a Parent, a Friend, a Colleague, a Mentor, a Change Worker or Therapist is exponentially transformed. Through out the entire program you will learn how to create impact in the lives of others just by your presence. 

About Abdul Shahid

 Just incase you don’t know me too well, I’m Abdul shahid and I’ve been running the Quranic Connection Academy for over 5 years now.

One thing I realised whilst teaching hundreds of students over the years, is that knowledge isn’t always enough. People actually need mentoring and coaching to help them to actually see it in their lives and support in living according to it.

My own background is that I’ve been on this journey for both personal and commercial transformation for over 20 years.

With 20 years of working in Consultancy Business building, Marketing and Sales, I have gleaned an all-round experience of building businesses from the ground up. In this journey I’ve trained many professionals on how to build and nurture business relationships.

In my own personal Journey I have spent the last 18 years seeking knowledge, teaching and mentoring individuals like yourself. Having travelled and lived in Egypt and Saudi Arabia where I learned through the Islamic seminary of Al Azhar. On return to the UK I founded the Quranic Connection Academy (originally known as Al-Fatihah Institute).

So the ILMU NAFS Divine Principles Mentoring program is an amalgamation of all of the knowledge and experience to date.

Look it sounds complicated, but truth be told it’s SIMPLE.

 Format of Course

Weekly Mentoring & Coaching Session – During this session you will learn the practice of the principles in action, in every area of life. During the academic year you will learn through practice, NO LECTURES. This is through learning material, observation and personal coaching.

4X Weekend Training Sessions to be help through the year You will join 4 Live Weekend training sessions where you cover the curriculum as described above. 

 1-to-1 Coaching & Mentoring – Unlock all of your personal blocks that have been preventing you in any area of your life. Have you own personal mentor and support coach to help you achieve results that so far have felt unattainable for whatever reason.  

You Will need to make 3 Hours available per week to invest in your development

Enrolment for Jan/Feb 2020 OPEN

Enrolment for the program is now open

There are only 18 Places Available on the Ilmu-Nafs Mentoring & Coaching Certification program. Places are LIMITED.

If you would like to find out more to see if this program suits you, Book a Blueprint Breakthrough Call. 

In this call you’ll find out more details on exactly what the Blueprint is, How it can create the breakthrough you’re looking for and we can see if we think you’ll be a good fit for this program.

‘Doing the same things will always give you the same results, isn’t it time you did something different?’


You may be wondering still and here are some common questions and answers.

If you still have Questions please book a call to discuss your questions or any queries you have.

Is this open to me in another country ?

This is open to you in any part of the world. Coaching and Mentoring sessions are LIVE through our state of the art Video conferencing facilities. NOT webinar, Live Class type settings using something better than Skype.

What if this is too difficult for me ?

Don’t worry, It’s super simple and works for everyone. 

Can I Join using my mobile

Yes you can join using the Mobile or Desktop App that we’ll provide you access to. As long as you have internet you can join using any device.

Is there a Payment Plan ?

Yes, you can have a monthly Payment plan so please book a call so that we can arrange a personalised payment plan for you.


Alternatively you can Pay in one payment and get a discounted fee.

Will this help me to make money ?

Absolutely if that’s what you’re looking for. The Commercial transformation is based about building a business to help humanity and spread the knowledge and benefits. You’ll learn how to earn a living and even completely change your career if that’s what you really want.

I have been studying easy Arabic with ​Ustadth Abdul Shahid now for almost one and half years. Alhamdulillah I am fascinated by my progress. If someone had said to me one and a half years ago that in one and a half years time you will be able to write, read and understand Arabic, I wouldnt have believed them. But by the grace of Allah I am doing exactly that…

and this year I had the honour and previlige to perform hajj and Alhamdulillah this is where I found the fruits of my labour. SunhanAllah I was able to understand what some of the ayahs that were being recited during salaah, and the jummah khutbas.

I was able to converse and understand other sisters who spoke arabic, hotel workers, shop keepers, the airport security guards, the workers at the Masjid al Haraam and Masjid al Nabawi. It was truly overwhelming”

Rushna Miah - Professional / Busy Mother

Very quickly I started to be able​ to understand when I read and listen to the Qur’an, and ​ understand and speak Arabic within only a few months form the class starting, the results were phenomenal​ Alhamdulillah.

​Before this course I started to lose hope of being able to ever learn Arabic because of so many failed attempts.. but now I feel on my way to becoming fluent

Khalil Sayed - Quantity Surveyor / Busy Father

I wanted to study Arabic so when I saw the advert I was over the moon. Before studying this program I couldn’t speak any Arabic or understand anything.  All Praise is due to Allah as I can now speak arabic and understand a lot

Sajim - Bid Manager

Taking the Arabic Language course with Quranic Connection Academy has been a wonderful experience.  The Course material is well structured and weekly class is very interactive. Ustadh Abdul Shahid is highly enthusiastic and a professional teacher with great motivational skills.

I am from a non-Arab background but I’ve learned a lot in a very short  time.  The course is structured in such a way that you can grasp the route of the language very easily.  It’s an amazing feeling to be connected to the Quran in a completely new way.  ​Jazak’Allahu khair for designing such a great Arabic course

Atiqa Salman - Busy Mother

Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

I have doing this course for a year and i feel a difference within my understanding of the Quran as well as my own practice, I feel more focused with my prayers.  The lessons are always planned and executed very well. Our teacher is efficient and patient in supporting our learning and always available for help.

I would highly recommend this course to help anyone looking to go that further step in understanding Quran and learning Arabic in general.

Rubi Begum - Teacher / Busy Mother