Do you feel connected to Allah in life? Connecting to Allah is a difficulty most human beings suffer from. It eludes us for much of our lives. Some discover it early and for others it takes years. 

I’ll be the first to admin that I spent so many years of my life feeling disconnected.

It’s not a nice feeling and it can feel lonely when it looks like everyone else seems to have it all together while I’m still figuring it out.

Back then I found myself successfully running my HR Consultancy Business Alhamdulillah, I was working on other goals in my life and it was going well, BUT…

The dreaded BUT is that I still felt unfulfilled, something missing… something wrong

I was always racing with the world to succeed and no matter what I achieved or gained, I would fill that emptiness still there.  

At that time I didn’t know the Verse of Surah Ar-R’ad, Ayah 28 where Allah says:

“ أَلَا بِذِكْرِ اللَّـهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ ” Only in the remembering of Allah will the heart find contentment.

When I discovered this verse I thought to myself, ‘Well that sounds simple, so why doesn’t it fill the emptiness in my life then?’

I soon discovered that reading it in translation was one thing, but understanding it through the language of revelation was another. It completely changes everything.

So I just want to share some of the benefits of this verse that I think will help you flourish in your life insha’Allah.

  1. Allah tells us the secret to life in this verse in the word- بِذِكْرِ (Dhikr)  This word is almost always translated as Remembering because that’s the literal translation.

What we miss in translation is the implications of the word. The greatest of which is Being Connected to Allah.

Let me explain…

When a thought enters your mind and becomes real in your minds perceptual reality, it has power over your feelings and actions.

When you remember Allah, you connect to Him (swt) and the power of Allah has life-changing effects on your feelings, behaviour and your world.

  1. The Power of thought – بِذِكْرِ  
This word is also translated as thought, those ideas that keep coming and going through your mind. However it’s not the same as the word فكرة which also means thought and is the word that’s used more commonly.

You see بِذِكْرِ  also has the meaning of ‘Uttering something’ which is an Action.  The word بِذِكْرِ (Dhikr) has the power of both Thought and Action.

Thought and Action together have the Power to change anything.

Allah chose to use this word for a very good reason…

IT CAN BE VERY POWERFUL in your life. It can give you peace, it can give you security and it can give you power, it can unlock your potential…

To be honest it can give you whatever you want when Connected to the Power of Allah.

When we use the word Dhikr to Connect to the Creator of the World, the All-Powerful, you bring that Power into your life.

That’s why Allah says that “Only in the Connection with Allah” you will find peace, contentment and ease.

When you can understand the words of Allah as he has revealed them, there is no end to the insights and understandings that you will experience.

Allah will shine the light of guidance on every darkness in your life so that you have nothing more to fear.

This explanation is just scratching the surface when trying to understand this verse. There is so much more in this verse, but I’ll leave that for another day.


What does this Verse of Surah Ar-Ra’d  mean in the context of your life ?  


Have you began your journey of Quran?

What’s holding you back from starting?

If you’re like I was when I hadn’t yet realised the implications of this verse, then I hope your journey of understanding the Quran begins with this verse, because in this verse is the Secret to Life.


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