Peace of mind and tranquillity are the number one desire for every human being, especially at a time when we are racing with the world to obtain all of the material goals that we set ourselves or society places in our way.

The important question is how do you gain peace of mind, and that inner tranquillity that every human seeks? Allah Almighty answers this question in the verses of his final revelation The Quran

He says: Those who believe, their hearts find peace and tranquillity in the remembrance of Allah , it is only in the remembrance of Allah that the heart will find contentment. ( Surat Ar-Rad 28)

So the one way that you can create that peace of mind and a tranquillity that would last, it is to busy yourself with the remembrance of Allah or what is otherwise known as Dhikr or Zikr.

Now you may think that is over simplistic, but many would argue it’s a rare gem to be able to focus your energy and thought process in Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah . Now, that is the direct way to creating peace and tranquillity, but don’t misunderstand that to be an easy thing in the modern world.

The modern world challenges us with so many distractions and so many expectations that don’t serve us. So, in this article I’m going to give you 5 ways that you can create a piece of mind and inner tranquillity on a daily basis insha’Allah.

1. Creating peace of mind through remembrance of Allah .

The best way to create that peace of mind by remembering Allah is to do it consistently throughout the day. That doesn’t mean that we can’t get on with living life, but instead I suggest that you attach 5 minutes of Rememberance to the 5 daily prayers.

Spend 5 minutes before or after your daily prayers doing the Dhikr of Allah. Now this is a prescribed Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

You might say you already do this after the obligatory Salah, but the truth is so many of us even if we do it, we rush through it without actually thinking of Allah. That defeats the purpose of remembrance, if all we do is utter the words without actually remembering Allah.

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2. Create a focus window to make Wudu

Take 10 minutes out before your five daily prayers as a point of focus, to make the ritual ablution / Wudu before your Salah. I suggest making Wudu before every prayer, regardless of whether you need it or you don’t.

But when you make the Wudu think about Allah, take your time and reflect about why you’re doing this. Remember it is an act of worship and a cleansing of your sins.

However, for it to be an act of remembrance, make this is an exercise to create focus in your mind so that you will have more focus in the 5 daily prayers.

I know this will be difficult for some of you, but I suggest that you try and create this habit because it will serve you daily, helping you to create a piece of mind, helping you to remember Allah . Ultimately, as you know already, if you remember Allah , then you will create the peace of mind that you’re looking for.

3. Leave the 24 hour News cult

That sounds a bit negative, but the news is almost always negative. If you want to create a piece of mind, you can’t do it by feeding your mind with constant negativity.

What we feed our mind creates that sense of chaos in our minds. The worst of those things, that most people feed their mind is the constant bad news that we get in this cult of 24-hour news. You see, if the news was positive, at least 50% of the time, then you could probably argue that it’s not such a bad thing, although I would beg to differ.

Don’t ruin your mind with constant intake of news, trust you won’t miss a thing and if it’s really that important or not, big news will find it’s way to you through your friends, family and colleagues.

4. Don’t touch the Internet or your mobile devices for Two hours.

That’s right, I’m addressing the addiction that many of us have that ruins our peace of mind. So many of us pick up our phones as soon as we wake up. Some of us even make the excuse that I’m just checking the time. But I know as I did exactly that and then straight after checking the time, we go into the one of the apps or checking messages.

This is the most destructive behaviour that we have been nurtured on. The constant notifications the second you wake up takes your attention and focus and destroys it.

Opening your mind to the Internet is like watching the the negative news the very second you wake up. It makes you reactive and consumes your energy. You can’t control what you’re going to see and if it’s bad news, then your day will begin on a negative basis.

My suggestion to you, something that I’m doing myself is not to look at the phone, or check my messages or emails. Don’t do anything to do with my phone first thing in the morning.

In fact I would go as far as to say that we should not touch the phone until the middle of the morning or after we’ve spent 5 hours awake. You see the distraction of the phone is much more than apps and messages.

It’s as though you’ve stuck a letterbox on the side of your head, and whenever the postman feels like it, he just posts letters into your mind, ruining your mind with all the unwanted negative news.

Best case scenario is that it is a simple distraction that take away any possibility for you to actually use your brain power on something that serves you.

5. Make the last thing you do at night Remembrance

It is from the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, that we should make the last thing we do in the night, to pray the Witr Salah.

Jaabir (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever fears that he will not get up at the end of the night, let him pray Witr at the beginning of the night, but whoever thinks that he will be able to get up at the end of the night, let him pray Witr at the end of the night, for prayer at the end of the night is witnessed (by the angels) and that is better.” Narrated in Sahih Muslim.

Making remembrance of Allah . The last thing you do is so important because it’s like you’ve dipped yourself into a marinade of remembrance and then you, your mind will soak up that marinade all night long until you wake up for the morning prayers.

Sleeping on the remembrance of Allah will help you to end your day with a positive focus. Being grateful for all that you’ve had throughout your day and reflecting upon the good that has come from your day.

Ask yourself how many times have you gone to sleep after having an argument or watching a horrible documentary or movie and the first thing that happens when you wake up is that you remember those horrible thoughts that you had before you went to sleep. You see, the last thing on your mind is also the first thing on your mind. So if you sleep in there members of Allah then when you wake up you will wake up in the remembrance of Allah .

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