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Welcome to Day 5 of the “21 Ways to get Close to Allah” Course.

Subhan’Allah time doesn’t wait for anyone. The last email included lesson that are fundamental to moving from theory to action. 

Allah the Most High points us to actions couple with Iman again and again in the Quran, “those who believe and do Righteous deeds”.

​​It’s no coincidence that these two come together, Belief and Action, because one without the other doesn’t work.  ​Failure is most likely. If you didn’t see yesterday’s classes, I’d go check them out. 

However, today’s classes are actually essential follow on to that. We know from experience and the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah that Allah, that people always face obstacles, trails, failure to do good. 

We humans are just prone to falling short and Allah swt gave us a way out, a way for redemption and gave us key skills to help us through troubled times, or times when you really feel like your Iman could do with a boost.

So today we talk about:

1) Repentance & The Key to Riches

Hey, we all want success. Both in the Dunya and the Akhira. Who wants to fail? Not me, and I’m sure you don’t either. So what do you do for success with Family, Success with Wealth and Success with your Life’s purpose? The Answer is unusually simple as you’ll learn in today’s class.

2) Why Small wins real Mean BIG WINS
It’s all or Nothing..

That’s what I use to say. If I can’t do it properly I just won’t do it and this would lead me to achieving NOTHING. Alhamdulilah, I learnt a very important lesson about how to really make life happen on your own term with the Grace of Allah. In this class we learn this amazing skill.

3) How to Change when it’s really hard​
You know sometimes you really want to change something in your life, but you find it impossible. You try and you fail… I’ve been there. 

In this class I’ll share with you the amazing lesson and strategy I learned to get over this and really make the changes stick alhamdulilah. I’m positive this will be beneficial for you inshaAllah.

So… I just want to say please DON’T underestimate the importance of these lesson. It’s really important to go over the lessons as much as you need to so you get the best out of it. 

But more important is to pick the lessons you need the most and start taking action on it. I have some bonus classes for you that I’ll be sending you now that we’ve covered the 21 Steps. These steps will no doubt, if actioned, help you to live with the Guidance of Allah. 

Allah created you to be great so lets start taking action. Today’s class about starting small will make sense in this content. So lets do this ?

One Last thing, Yes, alhamdulilah we are going to start the New Quran Journey on the 1st Ramadan inshaAllah.

If you haven’t signed up, you can go here to sign up FREE for 14 Days insha’Allah. If you want to understand the Quran from a practical perspective, where you learn how to action it in your life daily, then I think you’ll love it insha’Allah.

So once again, I pray Allah swt blesses you in your journey and application of what we’re learning here. ? Have a wonderful day.

Jazak’Allahu khair

Ustadth Abdul Shahid 
Quranic Connection Mentor

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