Understand Quran – Learn Skills – Become Amazing

Welcome to Day 3 of the “21 Ways to get Close to Allah” Course.

By now you should have laid the foundations for an amazing month ahead insha’Allah. 

Don’t worry I don’t expect you would have put into practice everything we’ve covered, but you’ll have a good idea of what it takes to get the fundamentals of creating a life where you feel much closer to Allah every day insha’Allah.

So today I have 3 short Classes which I think will be a game changer for you especially if you struggle at times like most of us with negative thoughts, lack of confidence…

A lack of motivation and you know, all of those things that block you from creating the kind of life and connection with Allah that you want.

Todays micro classes are short and to the point:
1) How to Creating Confidence in your Deen and Dunya

This lesson is about creating the kind of Hope that will empower you and strengthen your resolve to get what you want. Allah swt gave us the tools, it’s just about finding then and learning how to use them. 

​In this powerful class of building your str​ength of character and resolve we look at a formula that will create the Hope and confidence required to destroy those feelings of hopelessness and fear.

2) How to Create your Connection with Allah so that you feel the difference

We said this course is all about creating your meaningful relationship with Allah, but so often you can get distracted and diverted to the point that you feel you have no connection to your creator. Salah is just about fulfilling obligations and we lose the actual benefit.

This Micro class will show you how to turn that around and help yourself create a connection that you thrive upon insha’Allah. Understanding this lesson is key to life itself. 

You’ll see what I mean ? …

3) How you can reach the Pinnacle of your Life Easily 

Last but not least is the important Message that should set you on your path to the Pinnacle of your life insha’Allah.

If you noticed and till now, I talk as though you were made for some great purpose, to achieve great things? Well you’d be right.  Take away the pressure, leave all the complicated sciences..

At the route of life’s journey is your need to Grow and actualise your potential. We’ve been created that way. That’s why you get happy when you win competitions, or get the best results in test or get that promotion at work. 

We yearn to grow and so in this lesson we discuss the way to get this done with least pressure and most reward insha’Allah.
Anyway, I’ll leave you to enjoy the Lessons for today. 
Don’t forget take it easy, you don’t have to do it all at once.
Jazak’Allahu khair
Ustadth Abdul Shahid
Quranic Connection Mentor

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