Understand Quran – Learn Skills – Become Amazing

Welcome to Day 2 of the “21 Ways to get Close to Allah Course”.

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from day 1’s Lesson.

In todays Lessons we learn the foundational keys to self empowerment. In other words, how you can use the Quran and Sunnah guidance to become a hero in your own life.

The 3 lessons today are:

1) The Key to Taking Charge of Your Life

Don’t underestimate this lesson because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) taught the Muslim how to do this. As a result of that lesson the early Muslims not only took charge of their own lives but they took over the known world. This lesson will teach you how to do that in your own life. Become your own BOSS, your own Leader, your own Mentor. Don’t worry it’s actually pretty simple even though it sounds like a big weighty task.

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2) How to Plan for Success

This is the Key to gaining closeness to Allah. No one ever reached a level where they felt close to Allah except that they took the well-worn Quran and Sunnah path to Allah. Allah sent His Messenger (peace and Blessing be upon him) to teach you how to reach Jannah where  you will be the Closest to Allah.

That path to Allah, also means that you will become close to Allah now. In this lesson you will learn how to take this into your lifes goals and plan your way to real success insha’Allah.

3) How to Overcome the Obstacle standing between You and Allah

We all have a problem with todays BIG OBSTACE. This is one of those things that prevents most of humanity from reaching their potential. It keeps us at a distance from Allah and in todays lesson I will share with you the Quranic guidance on this issue.

You will learn what Allah has said about it, and how you can get around it. Look lets be honest, we can’t overcome every problem. But there are some amazing ways Allah and his Messenger (saw) have taught us about how to get around some of our problems.

Once again… I just want to remind you, take a mental note or better yet, take Actual notes so you don’t forget the most important lessons. Take a step by step approach to applying it into your life.  Don’t worry you can come back to these lessons over and over so relax and take it in your stride insha’Allah.

Look out for tomorrows lessons, I’ve got a feeling you will love it insha’Allah.

I look forward to sharing with you.

Jazak’Allahu khair


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