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FREE 7 Day Course 21 Ways to Get Close to Allah Become the Best You with this Quranic guide

  • Quranic guidance on Optimising Your Life
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  • Learn how to deal with Problems with Confidence

Student Reviews:

“This time last year I paid a lot of money to do a course like this. I benefited so much more from this and it’s FREE ”

Sister Nasimah

“This has really inspired me to become the best I could possibly be.”
Brother Alom C.

“jazakAllahu khair this has really given me direction and the motivation to really make my life as i want it.”
Brother Asif

What you’ll learn


During the next 25 days you will learn how to clear your mind of all the things holding you back insha’Allah and learn over to create a super hero mindset.


You will learn what you need to do to make your life even more amazing. What the best of the best did to make their lives amazing.


You will learn how the Quran and sunnah guide us to become the best humans the world has ever seen.

Actualise you

You will start to take the right actions that will give you the greatest results in sthe shortest time frame. Taking examples from the best that ever lived.

Become the best

You were meant to become the best. No one was born the best. In this program we will cover 25 different skills that help you to optimise your life.

The areas of life covered will help you become more clear about your journey through life, what Allah expects from you and how to live an abundant life so that you can have the dunya and the akhira.

Allah doesn’t expect you to give up the world. He (swt) expects you to enjoy and maximise every opportunity to be great in life. Guidance is draw from the Quran and Sunnah so that you can’t go wrong insha’Allah.

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